A Lighter,thinner and more powerful laptop

24/06/2011 14:59


March 2011,Sony was published lighter,thinner and more powerful models of the VAIO S Series dell inspiron 1420バッテリー Upgrade 13-inch notebook in Taiwan.The result was about 3 months later,SONY has launched four models on top speed of small change to upgrade VAIO S-Series models,namely VAIO SB28,SB27,SB26 and SB25.One of the VAIO SB26 laptop,has three-color choices:black, white,and pink,to maintain simple and neat curves and slim body.

Sony VAIO SB26 laptop equipped with Intel Core i5 processor,dual graphics cards,fingerprint reader and LED backlit keyboard and so on.The Sony VAIO S series pa3451u-1brs facelift new machine SB28,SB27,SB26,SB25,basically almost no change in appearance.Mainly in the original black,silver,white three colors,the new increase in pink,blue and other new color options(only SB26,SB25 new color options).The other is its graphics card full use of the Intel HD3000 and AMD Radeon HD6470M dual graphics card combination.

Sony VAIO SB26 laptop dell xps m1210バッテリー is almost part of the exterior design does not change.Dimension Data is 331 x 224.5 x 23.9mm, the measured weight with battery is about 1.69 kg.As a 13-inch notebook which with optical drive,its portability outstanding job.In addition to maintaining a slim,lightweight features,the small change of the VAIO S series laptop is also built with aluminum body.

Sony VAIO SB26 laptop also has simple,smooth,neat body tangent,the overall appearance is really nice texture.In addition,the new VAIO SB26 laptop IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリー has black,white,and pink three color choices.Its cover with matte effects processing,although the net surface material than the good maintenance,but will still be contaminated with oil.Facelift of the VAIO S series also retains the SONY so-called hidden hinge design,the shaft set in the rear fuselage.

When you open the screen,you will find that the VAIO S series laptop is unlike most laptops which can be seen in the bottom of the screen hinge,so that was more clear-cut around the screen.Fuselage behind the strip object is hidden shaft.VAIO S series notebooks sony vgp bpl2cバッテリー come with matte border,is the use of anti-glare screen coating.Although it is still reflective, but not as glossy screen so hurt the eyes.