A Lightweight and portable laptop

02/08/2011 15:06


Strictly speaking,Q460 laptop pb994acan not be regarded as a well-defined home laptop.Because official just put it in the portable notebooks,so the appearance of design in addition to considering the aesthetic needs of home users,but also take into account the business user's perspective.Therefore,Q460 laptop using silver and black lines with steady style,have to take into account the aesthetic habits of these two types of users.

Stylish and simple,calm co-exist,which is nowadays in many popular consumer notebook product design patterns.Laptop interface is an important part of the design,which will affect the user's actual experience.Q460 laptop dell inspiron 1440バッテリーto provide users with a variety of common interfaces,and more reasonable position on the arrangement,so people will feel more convenient to use.In front of the fuselage,Q460 laptop to provide users with a card reader slot.

On the left side of the laptop,Q460 to provide users with the power jack,VGA port,RJ-45 Ethernet port,HDMI high definition interface,USB 2.0 interface and a set of audio jacks.In the right side,Q460 laptop pb993ato provide users with a DVD burner,two USB 2.0 ports and a safety lock.Right side of the rear fuselage by the USB interface design is satisfactory.Because in actual use,so close to the interface layout than the layout of the front fuselage is more convenient.

Especially for the people who used to use the mouse by right hand,it is more suitable.Q460 laptop'sdell inspiron 1750バッテリー C-face design is also a attractive place.The overall style is fresh and simple,the entire panel with brushed metal. Silver relative calm black,has a stronger vitality,but also adds a lot of grade sense.Combined with the details of Samsung Q460 laptop carefully polished,so the design aspect,whether its the A side or the C face,are very successfully.

Below the Q460 laptop's display is also designed "SAMSUNG" LOGO,with a mirror effect processing,embedded into the black screen border,both in stark contrast.Meanwhile LOGO itself has a good reflective effect,from different angles,they show the colors are different,the design for the entire body to add vitality.Q460 laptop pb992awith a popular floating keyboard design,which is consistent with its overall design.

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