A notebook with High-performance

31/08/2011 11:02


Haier Jane 7G-2 is a high-performance gaming entertainment notebook.Jane Eyre 7G as the second generation product,it's the hardware configuration of a full replacement.The majority of users call Haier Jane 7G dell 1k500バッテリーfor 7 brother.And with the 7D series which is emphasis on business video,together constitute the two brothers,Haier Computer,7 Columbia,7 brother.Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop,the color is very beautiful,with orange and champagne gold for us to choose from.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop computers equipped with Intel i5-2410M CPU,4GB DDR3 RAM,500GB hard drive,5400rpm,ATI HD6730M graphics card,and 2GB of memory.Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop's dell inspiron 710mバッテリーcolors are more elegant.It's A shell with bright orange-red or champagne gold,it is very stylish,dynamic.The middle is the big one silver "7G" logo,with a bright orange,it is very eye-catching.If you look at its A shell surface closely,dotted with small patterns,full of artistic sense.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop dell inspiron 1525バッテリーthe B-side of the screen frame with black piano paint materials,appeared calm,with texture.C sub-island surface black with silver keyboard wrist rest,clear color layering.The middle of the upper border is 1.3 million pixel camera,frame the upper left corner of "i-CLEAR SCREEN" screen marked with Haier runyan exclusive display technology.Border the lower right corner of the "SRS" mark indicates which products have the SRS surround sound.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop's dell studio 1558バッテリーkeyboard surface is silver color with a black keyboard keycap,silver panel with the same small patterns as A little shell patterns.Sub-island chocolate keystrokes when the general feeling,the key process soft percussion when there will be a slight shaking.Minor under the touchpad embedded in the panel,mounted above the dot Suixiao depression,increase the resistance to sliding a finger.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop's touchpad buttons with one type of panel,crisp sound when pressed,the general comfort,a little stiff feeling.Its upper left corner of the keyboard is a row of function control buttons,on the black background of the dell inspiron 640mバッテリーthree buttons are the power button and two function control keys.On the left wrist rest edge,designed four blue lights,respectively,to indicate power,wireless networking,data exchange and battery power.

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