A round and compact laptop

30/05/2011 10:44


The NetBook has been sold very fire before was able to be all of the concern,largely because of its portability provides users with a great convenience.It is for portability considerations,HP ProBook 4230s laptop acer aspire 5920バッテリー with 12-inch mold,and the phone ID in the usual nested design the first time.And the main middle part of the cover is covered with gray brushed metal panel.

HP ProBook 4230s laptop's around accompanied by plastic material around the laptop acer as07b41 as a package.Polished surface of delicate touch throughout the body,especially the location of the body edge and vertex processing especially hard.Simple round design of the roof,but no shortage of taste.The center is still the classic "hp" metal LOGO,in addition there is no extra decoration.

The LOGO of HP ProBook 4230s laptop againsts the background of the brushed metal looks full texture.At the same time the drawing delicate touch have left a deep impression to us.Although ProBook Series laptop acer aspire 5520バッテリー is not the most high-end laptop in the HP commercial product line.But this HP ProBook 4230s laptop's quality of workmanship isn't worse than the flagship laptop.

HP ProBook 4230s laptop acer aspire 5720バッテリー using a 12 inches matte screen,the best resolution is 1280 × 800,the screen ratio is 16:10.For business people,the matte screen is more useful.In the case of strong light viewing,the screen does not appear the phenomenon of reflection and glare.To ensure the machine's portability,though there are some in the viewing area at the expense,but the screen is still a sense of brightness and color reproduction performance is quite good.

The top of the HP ProBook 4230s laptop's acer as07b31 screen is built-in support for 720P HD network camera.Both sides of the pickup is a dual array microphone hole,clear video conversation is to provide a convenient mobile office.In addition,the upper right corner of the screen frame is also marked with the supported position of SRS Premium Sound audio technology.

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