About LG G-Slate Tablet PC(二)

15/07/2011 10:59


Then you can easily find the nearest way to reach this point in time find the way out is still very useful.You can set up to look around the building.You can also add to the look they want to find the relevant construction,it is very intimate.LG G-Slate Tablet PC's dell inspiron 1520バッテリーhardware configuration is also very good,especially in its processor.LG G-Slate Tablet PC's main selling point though is the 3D video capabilities,but also not to mention ordinary shooting.

Particularly rich in shooting function is not inferior to most mobile phones,even more than some digital cameras also excellent.The wealth of features and shooting options also allow the machine to complete the other Tablet PC apple a1185 can not complete the task.And its classic feature is 3D camera function.In the 3D shooting LG G-Slate Tablet PC also has a variety of shooting modes.For example,embossed patterns is a very fun shooting mode.

In addition,LG G-Slate Tablet PC also has a variety of shooting options,including white balance and video quality options.The wealth of options allows users to take their own arbitrary 3D movie.If you do not know how to use 3D video Thinkpad z61バッテリー capabilities, then there is the wealth of shooting options in the introduction,through the presentation can learn how to use all the features.Although LG G-Slate Tablet PC supports 3D and 3D video shooting,but will need red and blue glasses to see.

So LG G-Slate Tablet PC provides us with a red and blue glasses,put on glasses to see the video in the 3D effect.But the price to pay is a serious color cut,almost do not see colors,while watching a long time also likely to cause visual fatigue.LG G-Slate Tablet PC sony pcga-bp71a also can play ordinary video,and 3D video playback when there will be too slow if the phenomenon.So the LG G-Slate Tablet PC has a 3D video playback is not very mature,the development is still needed follow-up.

The LG G-Slate Tablet PC use of 3D technology,although the machine is the biggest highlight of 3D features.However,due to the current 3D function is not perfect,but through the red and blue 3D glasses to achieve some function or feeling sad.But to admit this on the Tablet PC IBM thinkpad t42バッテリーin terms of workmanship or hardware configuration are very good.If excluded 3D function point of view is still very worth buying,if the price of 4,000 yuan,or in very selling point.

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