About LG G-Slate Tablet PC(一)

14/07/2011 11:43

In interface,LG G-Slate Tablet PC dell inspiron 6400バッテリーis very rich.First,it uses a mini USB data interface and HDMI interfaces,even high-definition output can easily deal with.There is the power switch/lock screen button,and speakers with this Tablet PC has also made a more powerful audio experience.Of course,this speaker set up on both sides of the fuselage.In addition, standard 3.5 mm audio interface and charging port are reflected around the body.

The top of the back of the fuselage can be removed,where you can recover keys and GSM card interface.Of course,this also proves that the LG G-Slate Tablet PC dell inspiron 1501バッテリーsupports China Unicom's WCDMA network,can be achieved through the card 3G network connection.It also comes with the classic interface of Android 3.0 system,this system is designed specifically for the Tablet PC,so the basic operation of keys on the touch screen can be achieved.

System Menu also has multiple interfaces,a single icon on the desktop can display 35,which is designed for users is still very convenient.In addition,custom tags can also be easy for users to quickly find the relevant application.In the settings,you can also see details of the LG G-Slate Tablet PCdell inspiron 1420バッテリー,above very clearly shows the aircraft uses Android 3.0.1 operating system.Android 3.0 system has a very strong network shall function.

In particular,Google's push email system is very powerful.Therefore,by setting we can easily set their own common-mail,surfing the 3G can send and receive mail from anywhere.LG G-Slate Tablet PC dell latitude d630バッテリーalso built a wealth of office software,registration can be easily opened on all Office files.Like Word and PPT can easily be edited,which provide a convenient conditions for the office.

LG G-Slate Tablet PC dell inspiron 710mバッテリーalso comes with a browser function is very powerful,including setting favorites,and share web pages and other functions,browsing the web speed is also very good.Since the Google system,the natural map is very good.By positioning we can easily search to their location,so the navigation.For people who have car it is no need to buy a car GPS,it can easy to navigate.Already know ourselves' place,set in the choice of how to reach the end.

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