About Acer 4560G laptop

06/08/2011 14:43


Acer 4560G laptop's vgp bps2cpower switch with a class of metal material,with the blue LED,the summer when people can not help but have a cold feeling.The power button itself rebound to moderate intensity,and crisp,no clear-cut feeling.Next to the speakers with Dolby Digital audio authentication,it is better than the average notebook speakers.But if you want to get better sound effects,individuals or external speakers recommended better.

Duckweed keyboard in ACER notebook applications rather broad,a little less trigger force,you will be not tired after a long time typing.And its keyboard key process is longer than the average notebookdell inspiron 1545バッテリーkeyboard.Drawback is that the gap between the key and key is large,slightly "floating" feeling,easy to fall into the gap between the foreign body.It will affect the normal use,this will be relatively high request on the use of environment.

Acer 4560G laptop's vgp bps2touch pad on the left,in addition to the common e ACER easy to service other than the times,the highlights are the top two red labels.This is a new release with APU,very intuitive,like the icon represents,"Dual Graphic" indicating that the machine in addition to APU integrated GPU,the AMD comes with a separate GPU.The right side of the touchpad,the machine's configuration information to the user in the selection of the time machine provides great convenience.

Acer 4560G laptop's dell inspiron 15バッテリーD surface use of streamlined design,memory and hard drive can be carried out by opening the bottom lid replacement,do not disassemble the whole,it is quick and easy.Memory part has corresponding openings auxiliary heat.If the APU cooling parts through the open part of the bottom cover to clean it,the more ideal. Another battery of moving parts using a bright orange material,it is eye-catching.

Acer 4560G laptop is equipped with a 6-cell battery,it is 4400 mAh,the capacity itself is not particularly large.Overall,the appearance of this ACER 4560G laptop dell latitude d820バッテリーmaintained consistent levels.In the charging port,status lights,expansion and replacement parts in the interface is very user-friendly.ACER is obviously doing this machine in the heart,if the USB can no longer adjust the layout,there will no regrets.

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