About Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook

03/09/2011 12:06


On the back of Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーis a black plastic material,the battery in the rear,a long strip of cells uses double buckle design.Two open back design of the cover,the following main components of the large memory and heat sink,following the small cover is the hardware.And there are a number of cooling holes on the back of the design to ensure good heat resistance for Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook.

Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook with the battery weighs 2.28kg,for a 14-inch laptopshp pavilion dv4バッテリー,this weight is fairly good.Haier 7G-2 notebook's interface located in the fuselage,where the fuselage on the left are the power cord jack,RJ-45 cable interface,cooling ports,VGA port,HDMI port and two USB2.0 interface.The right side of the interface are card reader,USB2.0,headphone jack,microphone input,pop-up drive,and security keyhole.

Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook as a video game laptopIBM 92p1101,its configuration is very balanced.It's CPU is Intel's latest Core i5-2410M,which is clocked at 2.3GHz,Core frequency up to speed after 3.0GHz.The processor core 4 thread 2,thermal design power of 35W,with 3M's high-speed three-level cache.Reached its configured memory 4GB,hard drive to 500GB,5400 rpm.About graphics,Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook with two graphics technology.

Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook's graphics card using AMD Readon HD6730M,with 2GB memory,400 stream processors,are high-end mobile series graphics cards.Haier Jane 7G-2 laptopapple a1175,as a notebook located in the high-performance gaming entertainment products,it has beautiful design,especially the use of colored shell,it is consistent with the young users of youth, vitality image positioning.

From the hardware configuration point of view,Jane 7G-2 notebook with also do a balanced mix of performance and price.It uses Intel's latest i5-2410M discrete graphics processors with ATI HD6730M,all mainstream games can be very smooth running.Its hp compaq 6710bバッテリーI5 processor generation,fully meet the needs of everyday use.For ordinary users,there is no need to pursue more high-end i7 processor.4GB memory and 500GB hard drive also meet with the general case of data exchange and storage needs.

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