About Lenovo G475 laptop

23/07/2011 18:02


The Lenovo G475 laptop IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーis using this keyboard design approach,feel quite good.In the interface design,the right side of the fuselage of this Lenovo G475 laptop has a USB interface,power connector,audio interface,and DVD burner.The left side of the fuselage with USB interface,e-SATA interface,cable interface and VGA interface.Although this positioning is not a high-end machine,but the interface configuration is quite complete.But unfortunately this machine is not configured HDMI interface.

The Lenovo G475 laptop is not configured too many function keys.In addition to the power switch above the keyboard is only a one-click fix outside key.Lenovo notebook IBM thinkpad t60pバッテリーproducts will currently configure a repair key,the users can very easily use it to backup and recovery system,which is a very useful feature.The interior design of this Lenovo G475 laptop is quite reasonable,the larger space,it is a good heat.

AMD's new APU E-350APU has integrated graphics core (GPU),no need to configure the graphics card.Therefore,the Lenovo G475 laptop's overall heat is very small,a single heat pipe to meet the body's internal heat conduction.Lenovo G475 laptop hp pavilion dv6バッテリー can be said that this is not the main high-profile product,but for the average user,it is also sufficient.This machine is configured with an AMD E-350 APU,the processor core,code-named Zacate,clocked at 1.6GHz.

The AMD APU E-350 is a low-power processor,TDP is only 18W,it can give a better battery life and lower heat to laptopdell inspiron 5150バッテリー.In addition,AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics core also supports DX11 and UVD3 HD hardware decoding,to provide the user more efficient video processing capabilities.It is based on 40nm process technology,codenamed Zacate,clocked at 1.6GHz,with 512KB L2 cache,TDP of the overall 18W,CPU Core dual-core architecture.

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