About MSI WindPad 110W

26/08/2011 17:42


At present,although the Apple iPad 1/2 and a variety of Android plate is still very popular.But for users who often need to edit Microsoft Office documents,a flat panel using the Windows operating system should be a better choice.MSI WindPad 110W tablet PC dell inspiron 1525バッテリーis a 10-inch flat panel which using the Windows 7 operating system.It comes loaded with Office 2010 Starter,while using AMD Brazos platform,and built-in AMD dual-core processor.

MSI WindPad 110W tablet PC also builts in AMD graphics chips,G-Sensor hard sense of gravity and the SSD solid state hard drives and other devices.And it's screen also uses IPS panel (and Apple use the same panel).MSI WindPad 110W dell latitude d820バッテリーwith 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 resolution panel of the IPS screen,of course,it also supports multi-touch.110W tablet PC's body with a metal frame,the rear also has a hair pattern processing,texture actually looks pretty good.

In addition,110W tablet PC's body weight of 850g,thickness is 15.5 mm.These data and other 10-inch offset compared to the Android was not pretty,although fairly easy to bring it on,but it will still take a bit long tiring.WindPad 110W tablet PC dell w953gバッテリーuses Next-Generation AMD Brazos platform Z-01 dual-core processor (1GHz).Z-01 is AMD's first tablet PC designed for the processor,which uses 40nm core process,power consumption of 5.9W,while the Radeon HD 6250 integrated graphics chip,providing better display performance.

While this low-voltage processor and MSI's ECO Engine technology and 4200mAh battery,make WindPad 110W tablet PC's life of 6 hours.It is currently used in Windows-based tabletdell studio 1558バッテリー,the longest endurance aircraft.As for other specifications,WindPad 110W tablet PC with 2GB of DDR3 memory,with 32/64 GB SSD,before and after each set of 1.3-megapixel camera.110W tablet PC also builts a set of USB 2.0, mini HDMI,and SD card reader.

Operational aspects,WindPad 110W tablet PC's system response is very smooth,I believe mainly because of the new AMD dual-core processor. 110W body with a Smart Tracker (optical mouse cursor can be controlled) and four thermal shortcuts,you can quickly choose the desktop,leave,Windows key and the CTRL+ALT+DEL and so on,on the whole fairly easy to use.But WindPad 110W tablet PC's dell xps m1330バッテリーthe accuracy of touch or less than the Android or iPad tablet,click the action is relatively easy to errors.

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