About Samsung RF511 Notebook

08/08/2011 16:13


Samsung RF511 notebook vgp-bps8awith a sub-island chocolate keyboard,the keyboard back down to depression and the use of silver brushed metal material.It's the C surface is brushed metal material,it looks very texture.Wrist rest is that dark blue colors,and keyboard back in stark white color,excellent visual effects.Since it uses a protruding shaft design,Samsung RF511 laptop's screen to achieve the maximum opening angle 120°.

Samsung RF511 notebook's back made of black plastic bottom shell,four circular pads used to support the laptopdell xps m1330バッテリー,but it looks thin at the point.Its battery dual buckle design to ensure stability when the battery level.Here is the post-independent memory and hard drive cover,this design easy to upgrade memory and hard drive.CPU fan is not designed to separate the cover,dust clean-up will cause inconvenience to the fan.

Samsung RF511 notebook's overall appearance seems atmosphere,calm.Deep blue,so calm in another notebook with a touch of the dramatic,compared to the traditional black business concept design,low-key blue easier to attract the attention of young consumers.Samsung RF511 notebook'spb993adivided island chocolate keyboard feels very good,tap the keyboard feels very light,and it also with a small keyboard,easy to input numbers.

Samsung RF511 notebook's hstnn-ib51right wrist rest sticker for the common configuration,allowing users to be able to distinguish between a laptop built-in hardware configuration.Information from the stickers which we can identify a laptop built-in Intel Core i7 processor,and with NVIDIA discrete graphics and Intel integrated graphics automatically switch technology.

Right and left above the Samsung RF511 notebook's vgp-bps9a/bkeyboard is a mesh grid following two speakers,sound is loud and clear,open to the maximum,there was no sonic boom phenomenon.Nickel-plated shaft protruding shiny silver cover,very beautiful.The right speaker to the left part of the design of the five physical buttons,which are circular power button and a long strip of shortcuts.One shortcut keys control the sound and wireless networks.Buttons are equipped with blue status LED.

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