About Sony SA27 business notebook

01/08/2011 17:44


Sony SA27GC laptop equipped with second generation Intel Core i7 processor and AMD HD6630M graphics card.It's the whole 3D gaming performance at a mainstream level,which can better cope with most 3D games.And Sony SA27GC laptop vgp bps2cconfiguration HD6630M graphics performance in a mainstream graphics card range.In the 1280 × 720 resolution and picture quality settings medium case,Sony SA27GC laptop can cope with most of 3D games on the market.

In Sony SA2 Series models,Sony SA27GC laptop dell inspiron 1545バッテリーis the higher allocation model.It's processor uses Core i7 2620QM processor quad-core,750GB hard drive and HD6630M graphics and 4GB of memory.From the configuration point of view,i7 processors has better performance than i3, i5.HD6630M also provide mainstream 3D processing power,750GB hard drive capacity provides ample storage space.

Sony SA27GC laptop's vgp bps2 own high profile complex can be fully qualified for everyday office applications and entertainment needs.But it is also the configuration of the machine's high power consumption and relatively high heat.27mm slim body,especially by the impact,it's the right side of the keyboard heat up to 45 degrees,users are very uncomfortable to use.And its bottom right side of the fuselage is also very high heat.

Sony has posted this "Do not make physical contact with the computer for a long time,the ventilation slots of the computer base and the temperature will rise,may cause discomfort or burns" prompt.Sony SA27GC laptop dell inspiron 15バッテリーlimited by itself's body size only configured 11.1V 4400mAh 49Wh battery,210 minutes of battery life with the current mainstream of five hours of battery life is slightly shorter.

But Sony SA27GC laptop support CD-bit to extent a second battery.This is to some extent make up for SA27GC laptop's 372772-001the problem of short battery life,but also provides a solution for users who require a longer life.As one of a Sony S series of high-end business machines,Sony SA27GC laptop's whole body usea metal material.In ensuring the stability of the fuselage while the body control the thickness of within 27mm.

Sony SA27GC laptop with i7 processor and HD6630M graphics card,whether for business or office audio and video performance,gaming performance are always very good.But it is high performance plus super-slim Sony SA27GC laptop dell latitude d820バッテリー relatively large body heat.The keyboard surface to 45 degrees,the bottom of the fuselage is as high as 50 degrees,users will feel more discomfort with it.It is more suitable for certain performance and portability requirements of high-end business users to choose.

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