About Sony VAIO F219 notebook

20/08/2011 15:31


Sony VAIO F219 notebook's screen hinge axis with a new design of the hidden,open the rear cover and the body is seamless,looks at one go.Sony VAIO F219 notebook hstnn-q21cuses hidden axis design,the maximum opening angle of the display can reach 145°.Its screen shaft damping is large,opening and closing the screen without feeling the kind of loose,open operation requires two hands,one hand push up the cover with the bottom will follow.

Chrome front middle of the VAIO logo inlaid in black piano paint the middle of the shell material,it is very conspicuous.Also look great texture,along with the top of the SONY logo which indicates the product's life experience.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's hstnn-ib51keyboard with sub-island chocolate keyboard,and with a keypad.Key's key-way is shorter,the intensity of very strong feedback,force feedback when pressed very obvious,the key bit clear,it is very characteristic.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook's touch pad and wrist rest with integrated design processes,the surface with a matte material.Touchpad's surface with tiny bumps,slip resistant,you will feel comfortable.Touchpad buttons pressed crisp and powerful feel good.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's HP compaq 6710bバッテリーback with a plastic material,the hard disk and memory parts using movable cover,easy to upgrade memory and hard drive.There are three vents on the back of the design to help reduce the laptop cooler working temperature.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook is a 16-inch laptop with the battery's weight reached 3.2kg,and the weight of the adapter along with more than 3.8kg.Gaming notebook performance-oriented and heat,while only sacrificing portability,both of which are difficult to achieve balance.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's HP compaq nx6325バッテリーopen the key in the upper right corner of the keyboard surface,rectangular buttons on the right design of a long strip of light.

Its key centers of power with a light pattern also shows that the light color is light green,looking very smart.At the top right-hand position of the Sony VAIO F219 notebook's372772-001keyboard has three physical buttons,"ASSIST" button used to call "VAIO Care" software.The software can view the status of your computer,and used to restore the system."3D" button is used to switch the video and 3D game effects.

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