About ThinkPad T420s laptop

01/06/2011 15:05

About ThinkPad T420s laptop

In design terms,ThinkPad T420s laptop followed the T410s laptop's toshiba pa3451u 1brs design style.Lenovo made simplified design in Thinlpad T420s laptop's lights.First,the status light does not look conspicuous,in the right of the screen hinge has three lights (T410S design on the left side),roof lights at the location have done the same adjustments.

ThinkPad T420S laptop's hp pavilion dv6バッテリーcontinuation of the shaft part is still use the classic design,the damping force control shaft is very good.It can be gently pushed by a finger,and will not have any sway.Thanks to the excellent shaft design,the maximum opening and closing angle of the screen can reach 180 degrees.Perhaps the problem is the ratio of body mold,the widely T420S laptop's keyhole above the fuselage on both sides of the screen position of the screen,make left and right hooks that force more evenly.

T Series laptop as the ThinkPad laptop's flagship model,the main reason is the overall performance of its products in the first place.However, the T420s laptop's sony vgp-bps13a/b thin and light design that does not mean to compromise.In the same time ensuring a relatively thin body also has a complete interface functions.ThinkPad T420s laptop also continued the previous generation of products in the interface design advantages.

ThinkPad T420s laptop in addition to providing a common USB 2.0,VGA,RJ-45 and headphone interfaces,like USB 3.0 and DisplayPort are both available.The ThinkPad T420S laptop hp pavilion dv6000バッテリー with the Intel's next generation SandyBridge platform,and select the Intel Core i5 2520M graphics processor with Nvidia NVS 4200M.In cooperation with the nuclear card,the platform supports dual-graphics NVIDIA options intelligent switching technology.

In storage,T420S laptop is chosen 4GB DDR3-1333 memory and 160GB SSD solid state drive options.T420s laptop's random mix of Core i5 2520M processor platform that may be raised again in everyday applications.Then with intelligent dual-graphics excellent transition effects,ThinkPad T420S laptop sony vgp-bps13 undoubtedly brought a new experience effect for those who do not want to be tied in the front desk of the business crowd.

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