Appearance of Toshiba AS100 Tablet PC

05/05/2011 14:40


Toshiba AS100 Tablet PC dell latitude d410バッテリー with black design,with a circle in the silver side, thick texture of the overall business.AS100 middle part of the positive is screen,its 10.1-inch widescreen could support multi-touch screen,resolution is 1024 * 600,it can support up to 4 touch.The upper border is the 1.3 million-pixel camera,next to a microphone for online video.

AS100 Tablet PC's dell xps m1530バッテリー upper right side of the border is a light,charge and power to run the lights will light up to indicate the working status of power supply or battery.Right of the screen are four touch sensitive keys,the corresponding function from top to bottom are:search,back,home,menu. After the shock will be prompted to touch the keys,while the white background light will be lit.

Then left and right bottom of the screen is a speaker,putting can provide a good stereo effect.AS100 Tablet PC dell vostro 1510バッテリー has a plain black back,white in the middle line of characters "TOSHIBA",with the Toshiba notebook style is very similar.Lower right corner of an Nvidia stickers,which clearly shows the Tablet PC's hardware configuration.

The right side of the fuselage from top to bottom are the SD card slot,HDMI Interface,USB2.0 Interface,MiniUSB Interface,3.5mm headphone jack and dell studio 1735バッテリー charger port.HDMI,USB and MiniUSB interfaces cover protection.Bottom of the fuselage provides a docking connector,you can connect an optional base, can extend the interface,connect the charger. here are 3 USB docking port,mouse and keyboard can be connected to the Tablet PC.

Toshiba is based on the idea of laptop to ​​design AS100 Tablet PC.With the adapter from the AS100 will be able to see it.AS100 PC's toshiba pa3450u 1brs adapter is similar to the Internet,the output voltage is 19V,power is 30 watts,power connector and the general interface are the same as laotop.So most of the laptop power adapter can apply for the Tablet PC.As long as the interface to insert in the output,and voltage is 19V,then it can be used.

This versatility will bring some convenience for the user.As long as the laptop's power adapter to match,more a way of charging.The idea of ​​the design is the Tablet PC lenovo 3000 n100 バッテリー can replace the battery which is the another example of Toshiba in accordance with the laptop design ideas to design AS100 .Open the right side of the lock button,you can win back cover,then you can replace the battery of the AS100 Tablet PC.

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