APU super player Acer 4560G laptop

05/08/2011 15:19


Acer 4560G is an new notebook hstnn-q21cwhich is equipped with A-series APU.Setting the left side of the fuselage two USB2.0 ports,VGA and HDMI interfaces.It's back there RJ45 Ethernet ports and power adapter,can be quite rich.It has a strong expansion,while the interface between caused some congestion.If you use two larger U-disk,then prone to conflict.If one can get the VGA port of the USB port next to I believe will be improved.

Acer 4560G laptop's HP compaq 6710bバッテリーCPU is also on the left side of the body,avoid direct flow into the hands of the radiator exhaust hot air.Adapter interface has some resistance,similar to the headphone jack.Actual use of it is,the adapter connector is not easy to fall off,reducing the user in the course due to sudden power failure and data loss risks.The right side of the fuselage addition to the usual headphone,microphone jack,there is another USB2.0 interface,user-friendly to connect the mouse.

Next to the 4560G laptop's hstnn-ib51USB is the built-in DVD burner,this burner to read the disk at high speed is very quiet in the process.Finally,there is a common side safety lock,provide the conditions for the user's security.Sunken shaft design is the more popular designs,providing a larger screen to give the rotation angle,measured about 150 degrees.And the machine's status indicator set in front of the laptop's fuselage.

The benefit is that when you close the screen,the machine is still able to understand the state,very convenient,and the blue light is quite striking.The left of the Acer 4560G laptop 372772-001there is a multi-card reader,built-in Captopril can effectively prevent foreign matter into the reader.Its screen is the glossy screen,the screen brightness and permeability are very good,strong sunlight during the day,they also see very clearly.

The only drawback is that it is easy dazzling because of the back light,but you can adjust the position and angle the screen to solve,no problem.Acer 4560G laptop HP compaq nx6325バッテリーuses LED backlighting,it's brightness is enough,usually 50% of the brightness will be able to get a good browsing experience.It's A surface wave pattern on the surface,not only help enhance the friction,and personal feeling feel good,ACER's logo also appears to be in tune.

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