ASUS N43SL Special Edition laptop

07/07/2011 14:43


Last year,Asus released from the shock I by the B&O designer David Lewis personally designed NX90JQ,ASUS has continued in the United States put a lot of sound notebook dell latitude d630バッテリーand energy R&D and marketing "means" in recent years.Now,Asus and pop star Jay Chou further cross-border cooperation,the introduction of elements with Jay personally penned the N43SL Jay Special Edition laptop.

This 14-inch special edition laptop's cover with Jay personally designed by Chinese and Western special totem.It also has and Bang&Olufsen ICE power SonicMaster Salar jointly developed technology.Before Asus officially released N43SL Jay Special Edition notebookapple a1185 ,the network has been released about Jay will have a "search for an unparalleled" mysterious task to perform the relevant mysterious message.

Today turns out,it is the ASUS asked Jay for helping N Series vocal laptop dell inspiron 710mバッテリー,add unique design elements of Jay.ASUS N43SL laptop's cover with a large totem design the most eye-catching,Jay said that this totem to the spirit of Chinese and Western design as a starting point,with notes,cards,piano keys,the totem of Western Baroque elements,and with the classic blue and white Chinese-style fusion.Finally,together with the J-word written with a brush until it is done.

Except a large totem on the cover,N43SL Jay Special Edition dell inspiron 1520バッテリーof the body also has a special internal design elements.For example,the palm rest with Jay's autograph,the keyboard keys in the "J" with special ornate Baroque style style.Coupled with Jay personally write boot melody,and four Jay's hits album.Let this special edition N43SL Jay notebook more attractive.It looks very beautiful,the totem on the cover full of Chinese and Western style.

Next to ASUS N43SL special edition laptop's cover,there has the English word iNCREDIBLE and brush writing of "J".It's black and gold color mix of visual effects is very good.Its body mainly with black,but the bottom of the screen speaker mesh area is golden,very conspicuous.It's palm rest area has personally signed by Jay,read music well below the palm rest area.ASUS N43SL Jay Special Edition laptop's sony pcga-bp71a right side has USB3.0 high speed interface design (blue connector).

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