Deep white charm Gateway NV47H18C

22/07/2011 16:34


Gateway notebook products have been favored by many users.On the one hand due to its close to the popular mainstream performance and design,the other from the users of their products feature high price of love and esteem.And this Gateway NV47H18C notebook hp pavilion dv6バッテリーis not only good continuation of the advantages of their own design,but also equipped with second-generation Core Duo processor and GT540M i5-2410M graphics card and other mainstream hardware.

These factors make this Gateway NV47H18C notebook dell latitude d410バッテリーstand out once again,excellent performance to make it in many mainstream products in the major vendors.It's part of the palm rest and touchpad with integrated design,and its surface have been light gray plaid textures.The overall feeling is better,the left and right buttons for one-piece design,press the moderate intensity,but feel slightly flimsy.

The interfaces of Gateway NV47H18C notebook dell inspiron 5150バッテリー provide users with three USB 2.0 ports,1 HDMI,1 VGA port,1 RJ-45 (cable) interface,an audio output jack,1 microphone input jack,and 1 a multi-card reader.But the more recent fiery eSATA interface,or USB3.0 interface is not equipped with.But from the practical point of view,whether from type or quantity,it still have enough in practice to meet the majority of mainstream users everyday use.

NV47H18C laptop using the Intel Core i5 2410M processor.The processor based on 32nm technology,clocked at 2.3GHz,3M has a three-level cache,supports for dynamic Turbo Boost Technology,the maximum rate of Rui frequently is 2.9GHz.It has a dual-core and supporting HT Technology,with 2 core 4 thread capacity,thermal design power of 35 watts.In the display area,NV47H18C laptop thinkpad r60バッテリーuses Nvidia GT 540M discrete graphics card and Intel Core matched combinations, and with Optimus dual card switching.

The Core Graphics has 12 execution units,the default clocked at 350MHz,Turbo Boost after the maximum can reach 950MHz.The GT 540M graphics card is positioned in the high-end graphics card,using a 40nm process,with 96 stream processors,memory interface 128-bit,it can be matched with DDR3 or GDDR3 graphics memory,the maximum memory which can be matched with is 1GB.Itdell latitude d620バッテリー supports PureVideo HD,PhysX,CUDA,OpenCL,HybridPower,PCI-E 2.0,HDMI,DisplayPort technology,and also supports DX11 game effects.

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