Dell Vostro 3350 laptop's appearence

21/07/2011 16:51


In the body's appearance,Vostro3350 laptop Thinkpad z61バッテリーadhering to success series models' consistent style.Most of the aircraft fuselage shell is made of high strength aluminum alloy,making it the physical security has a good performance.Aircraft aluminum alloy material produced in the roof,while supplemented by grinding treatment process for processing in the visual performance of the matte texture.The surface use of aluminum alloy material.

The edge of the transition zone in the body,Vostro 3350 laptop more than use of a sweeping arc of a small rectangular or design patterns.This gives people a more rounded,more active overall feel,highlighting both its consumer and commercial characteristics.Dell Vostro3350 laptop IBM thinkpad t42バッテリーequipped with a 16 to 9 on 13.3-inch matte screen for users,its resolution of 1366 × 768,to provide users with good quality and 720p HD experience to the mainstream.

With the change in demand trends and applications,wide-screen notebook dell xps m1530バッテリーmore and more applications in the commercial platform.Common models and entertainment glossy screen than the matte screen can better cope with complex light environments,and provides a good office experience to the users.Dell Vostro 3350 laptop also has high strength aluminum alloy body and full-size keyboard against accidental spills.

Dell Vostro 3350 laptop is also equipped with super-sensitive anti-drop hard drive,from outside to inside layers of protection,safe and reliable.With a backlit keyboard allows users to adjust in a more dark environments work well.The Vostro 3350 laptop's dell xps m1330バッテリー touchpad is still using the integrated design,large touch area and you will feel good about independent keys makes the user feel more comfortable in operation.

As the body of Vostro 3350 laptop's the back design has thermal windows and the power jack,so the screen is not designed to sink shaft type,and in the screen shaft damping control,Vostro 3350 laptop dell studio 15バッテリーis also to do more in place.Meanwhile,the metal material used for auxiliary body cooling is also a certain role,for business users with a relatively comfortable working environment.Dell Vostro3350 laptop also built-in 2 megapixel camera,it provides good support for people who like network video chat.

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