How to choose a camera

29/03/2011 14:21


Now,camera have been a part of people's life.But how to choose a favourite dell inspiron 1525バッテリー?First,you need to make sure what do you want to do by camera.A home? Or professional?If for professional,you can choose a professional SLR camera or a single power one.If you are use in home,you had better accord to your individual needs.

For example:To shoot mainly landscape, preferably a wide angle (wide end is less than 30mm, the smaller the more widely, the minimum DC current home up to 24mm);If you like making long-term, such as fowling, etc. to choose a good telephoto dell inspiron 1300バッテリー(ie, large optical zoom, the maximum DC current home up to 30 times).Of course,you can choose wide-angle, telephoto balanced.

Then according to personal preference to choose its shape.If you like the small machines,you can choose the card machine.But the general optical zoom card machine small.If the image quality required to select sensor (CCD or CMOS) large area, home of the largest machines of up to 1 / 6 inch, small, usually 1 / 25 inch.

Lens is also a key Dell inspiron e1505バッテリー of image quality,you had better choose Shi Laide,Leica,Zeiss lens brand.Current camera has a camera function,if there are requirements on the video camera's,you can choose high-definition on the selected camera can zoom.For new user,if you want to improve the quality of the piece,you can choose on the election with optical image stabilization.If you want to choose a good low-light shooting,you can choose large maximum aperture(smaller the value,the larger the aperture)

And if you want to learn shooting techniques to move full-featured player.Is worth noting that many candidates for the camera look at the current pixel.In fact,nothing pixels and image quality,dell latitude d600バッテリー is the image size parameters,pixel images large.If you wanted to make a substantial posters,to select high resolution,or do not have the pursuit of pixels,pixel storage space occupied by a large but large enough to ordinary household 10 million pixels.

As for the brand,there are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus and so on.The brand products are of high middle and low,and have their own characteristics.There is no absolute good brand of products.Based on the above parameters you selected a dell vostro 1520バッテリー,but also more appropriate forum to see other people's reviews and usage, and then decide whether it is worth buying.

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