How to choose business notebook

12/10/2011 11:52


In over 20 years of development,today's notebook dell latitude e6400バッテリーcomputers have changed with the needs of diverse applications.They are divided into many different types,and each type of product also has some of their own characteristics.For a notebook for business applications,product safety and stability are particularly important.And after taking into account the price factor,the performance of its core hardware is not required as entertainment,as the stronger the better models.

Some people believe when you purchase the more expensive the better principle,that "you pay for" is the ancient truths.But for most users,a limited budget to buy enough to minimize the cost of the products IBM thinkpad x60 バッテリーthey use clearly more attractive.That price,is nothing less than the price in terms of performance and find a balance.But everyone has their own subjective understanding of the notebook's appearance,size and type of individual elements of the keyboard is good or bad.

In addition to these external hardware throwing the difference then you can clearly see,the use of different core hardware products for the final product price has a significant impact.Business models sony vgp-bps9afor how it is most cost-effective way of hardware with it?Different from the current configuration of the model's performance,in terms of performance,these two core processors and graphics hardware on the machine's overall performance plays a vital role.

For the model of business applications,CPU performance is more important.AMD's main push APU(accelerated processor) in the CPU performance is relatively low,which is due to the series of characteristics of the decision.Because it toshiba pa3399u 2brsバッテリーwould have to emphasize is that the better integrated graphics performance,and integrated graphics and AMD discrete graphics cards crossfire between created by mixing more GPU performance.

For the overall performance of the CPU in a leading Intel,in addition to targeting low-end applications,and ultra-low voltage products B940,the other series processor Core i is the overall performance are available through its naming to be reflected.And because the ultra-low voltage products ibm 92p1101バッテリーwith the same level in terms of performance compared to the ordinary version of the product has a clear gap,coupled with its price is not cheap,apparently still common voltage version of Intel processors more cost-effective.