HP Pavilion g6 laptop's appearance

27/06/2011 11:32


Recently,various notebook vendors be very understanding,almost all in body color to make a fuss.For example,the ASUS A43SJ laptop IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリー flagship red,blue,pink,green,gold and other color options,IdeaPad Z470 laptop is a transparent case,there is the dazzling blue sky color can be selected.Although the Pavilion g6-1007TX laptop has no variety of color options,there is no transparent cover case,but it has a special coating rare golden line,it's not obvious to stay appearance version,boring.

g6-1007TX laptop pa3451u-1brs official called it brilliant gold color, did not imagine that glittering,but it is rare special gold series.Its cover doesn't have any pattern,but it use of the mirror effects processing.Not many people like gold,so the use of gold Pavilion g6-1007TX somewhat risky.But HP Pavilion g6 laptop has a Star conservative gray color styles to choose from,if you really do not like gold,at least there are other options.

Opened the cover,g6-1007TX laptop is inside the fuselage with black and gold color These two colors are quite ride,but like it or not,or vary.In addition,g6-1007TX laptop dell xps m1530バッテリー around the house special is the golden body,with black edges around them,the visual effect is more layered.Its screen frame is the matte non-reflective material.HP laptop is love to has Altec Lansing speakers,g6-1007TX laptop is no exception.

The g6-1007TX laptop also add SRS Premium Audio surround sound system.SRS Premium Audio surround sound system,with a variety of equalizer modes to choose from.Pavilion g6-1007TX laptop'sfujitsu fpcbp155ap keyboard design has two features,first is the button design,it is more conservative,but the texture is also still room for improvement.The second is though the Pavilion g6-1007TX laptop is a 15.6-inch model,but there is no independent right of the keyboard and numeric keypad configuration.

As a 15.6-inch laptop,if it doesn't have a separate keyboard,it may be less convenient.Pavilion g6 laptop has low-key power button design and seamless touch pad,the top left of the small circle is the touchpad lock button.Pavilion g6-1007TX dell inspiron 1420バッテリー equiped with 10.8 V,47 Wh of the 6 cell lithium battery,about 3.8 hours (228 minutes) of use time.The endurance performance with 15.6-inch laptop is considered very good.

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