Knowledge of Samsung 900X3A laptop(二)

13/05/2011 09:23


Intel second-generation KuRui processor support AVX instruction set,the processor efficiency greatly in ascension.Samsung 900X3A laptop dell vostro 1520バッテリー carrying a single 4GB DDR3 memory.Nowadays,4GB memory has become a mainstream configuration,tie-in 64-bit Windows 7 operating system,to ensure that its very smooth operation.

Samsung 900X3A dell latitude d810バッテリー carrying a 128GB SSD 590 series hard disk.Compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk,this piece of SSD drive 178MB/S read speed reached three times the mechanical hard disk.Access response time and only 0.2 ms.Thanks to this hard disk super performance.Switch machine time is very short,standby sensei speed also quite quickly.

But because the fuselage of ultra-thin,RJ45 Ethernet interface can't accommodate,designed became interface.Samsung 900X3A laptop's battery toshiba satellite p205バッテリー using the way of built-in,but cannot replace.This kind of ultra-thin design models,the best way is lithium batteries,and do the built-in as possible and covered with a thin interior fuselage can occupy space.

Turns screen brightness transferred to the highest,choose "balanced" power mode,Windows power management given reference use time for 10 hours.Of course,this is only a reference,normal use time should be able to achieve more than 15 hours.Samsung 900X3A notebook computer toshiba pa3450u 1brs using avionics hard aluminum alloy material.The notebook brought to a high degree of frivolous the height,can also deep reflect samsung on a laptop range of design strength.

Elegant appearance,accord with the deep black businesspeople composed,dignified and style.The machine adopts Intel processor,Sandy Bridge platform i5 strong performance.Samsung 900X3A laptop dell studio 1735バッテリー carrying SSD 590 series of SSD drive,greatly promoted the operation of the system speed and file copy speed.Improve users' work efficiency,and also save time.

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