Knowledge of Apple ipad

09/04/2011 10:04


As the year's most compelling products,both adults and children want to have a ipad MacBook Pro 15 バッテリー.It ranged between laptop and handheld computers,but its capacity is larger than handheld computers, but also in the original function, but also handwriting or speech input, mobility and portability are better.Apple ipad since after the introduction of a wave of enthusiasm.

Apple iPad hp pavilion dv7 バッテリー has 242.8 × 189.7 × 13.4mm body measurements,not for huge volume of single-handed control,but the slim design is no problem holding hands.Machine equipped with 9.7-inch large IPS screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels XGA level,and support for Apple's proud multi-touch,touch experience has been unable to express in words,we can look at the related videos on the network.

No matter from which angle you look,iPad is a large almost the ipad vostro 1510 バッテリー,the user interface is entirely a modified version of iphone and ipod.Hardware,Apple won the ARM-CPU (Cortex) and GPU (Mali) authorized the development of a 1GHz processor frequency A4 apple,cpu and gpu it integrates the two functions,with 3D graphics rendering capabilities,to play games,watching video can be the perfect win

On interface,Apple iPad hp 510バッテリー extension cable can be extended all Dock.There are Dock-to-USB,Dock-to-SD card reader cable,used to support the iPad Dock used as the base of traditional notebook,but also use the Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard. Video output can be used Dock-to-VGA output 1024x768 video cable (external screen or projector),and using Apple synthetic A / V cable output 576p video signal (for TV)

Although in appearance the design of Apple's innovative iPad Lenovo thinkpad t61バッテリー is not very full,but its presence has filled the gap between the MacBook and the iPhone,it can act out Web browser,video player,game console,PDA office tools,on home has become a digital photo frame,through the iTunes store, hundreds of thousands of applications can make ipad heavily armed,high playability.

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