Knowledge of ASUS U36j notebook

10/08/2011 15:56


This ASUS U36j notebook vgp-bps8aequiped with Intel i3-380M Core Duo processor,it is based on 32nm process technology,codenamed Arrandale,initially clocked at 2.53GHz,do not support Turbo Boost,shared L3 cache is 3MB,the overall TDP is 25W.Thus,the general entertainment graphics are adequate.For an ultra-light business class product,that ASUS U36J notebook is equipped with two graphics hardware combination is considered a very thoughtful design.

Only from this point of view,the overall strength of the aircraft and will go far beyond the practical aspects of the same type of set display products.For most laptops,the 5400 RPM 2.5-inch hard drive is the configuration of the mainstream,but this Asus U36J notebook vgp bps2a/sis no exception.This ASUS U36J notebook uses from the brands used - Western Digital hard drives,this capacity to 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive is Western Digital's mainstream products.

This U36J notebook's hard drive has a 58.7MB/s average transfer rate and 83.2MB/s burst transfer rate is the same type of product in the mainstream level,19.4ms seek time is not much bright.As a standard business model,the ASUS U36J notebook hp pavilion dv2000バッテリーin the processor,memory,hard drive both in terms of a higher level,fully in line with its business orientation,the actual speed and stability is satisfactory.

As a thin 13.3-inch business notebook,ASUS's U36J notebook in all aspects of performance are qualified.A super-slim shape,light overall weight make this Asus U36J notebook dell xps m1330バッテリーinto the same type of product a good choice.And satisfactory battery life is also able to give business users to worry about when to lift out of office.Although the use of the i3 processors and entry-level graphics performance with natural models can not be compared with some of the top.

But for the vast majority of business users,this Asus U36J notebook's performance is perfectly adequate.It is fully capable of providing adequate performance of office support,2GB memory,500GB hard drive and also belong to the mainstream of the current configuration.And this ASUS U36j notebook's dell xps m1530バッテリー body uses magnesium alloy material,while the bottom of the fuselage is a breakthrough to join the glass fiber material.

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