Knowledge of Fujitsu NH751 laptop

27/05/2011 13:12


Fujitsu NH751 laptop compaq 6720sバッテリー has a wealth of I / O,with a total of 4 USB can be used,a group in which charged with sleep function.NH751 laptop also has HDMI,e-SATA (and a USB shared),and ExpressCard slot(basic VGA,RJ-45,headphone jack,microphone hole course there.).Overall I / O practical has high quality,but it is didn't equip with high-speed USB 3.0 interface.

In addition,NH751 laptop acer as07a41 has a Blu-ray recorder,it is still rare in the general laptop.Front side of the fuselage have a wireless network switch and headphone jack,microphone hole.The left side of the fuselage are VGA,USB,USB / e-SATA,HDMI and ExpressCard.And the right side of the fuselage has USB2.0x2,Blu-ray burner,and RJ-45.Random standard 8GB of memory,two memory slots occupied.

Fujitsu NH751 laptop's acer aspire 5610バッテリー processor retail version is equipped with Intel Core i7-2630QM (2.0-2.9GHz),it also has Intel Core i7-2820QM processor.Core i7-2630QM and Core i7-2820QM are quad-core processors,they also support Turbo Boost Turbo 2.0.But Core i7-2820QM processor's frequently is higher(2.3-3.4GHz),and performance is better.

Graphics part,NH751 laptop sony vgp-bpl13 with NVIDIA GeForce GT525M (1G memory) + Intel HD3000 combination.And it supports NVIDIA OPTIMUS technology to automatically switch.As always,users can apply NVIDIA OPTIMUS addition to the automatic switching function outside of graphics.You can also manually specify the specific program you want to use the graphics card.

About the NH751 laptop's life,it is equipped with 14.8V,5200 mAh,77Wh 8-cell lithium battery.After the power is fully charged and the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is turned off,and then the screen brightness and volume are adjusted to the middle value,and then in continuous full-screen DVD movie playback MP4 format.This condition to test the NH751 laptop's acer aspire 3690バッテリー life,come to about 2.6 hours (156 minutes) of the use of time.

As a large-size entertainment laptop,the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK NH751 laptop is only the lack of USB 3.0,the other configurations it all has.Its erformance is also measured above the level of performance,and specifications are really good.But not just pick the size when you buy laptop,the appearance is a major focus.As a high-end flagship machine,NH751 laptop's acer aspire 5630バッテリー form factor design is actually not good.

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