Knowledge of Motorola XOOM Tablet PC

20/06/2011 10:33

 Knowledge of Motorola XOOM Tablet PC

Motorola has listed the XOOM Tablet PC finally.Motorola XOOM Tablet PC fujitsu lifebook t4210バッテリー has a very cool lock screen interface,the five round around the middle of the lock button,a little taste of the solar system.Five round is a common home page,browser,intellectual pieces of garden,love to read palm reading and picture viewer.A smooth drag with your finger to the middle of a lock button to unlock and enter the program,it is very convenient.

Motorola XOOM Tablet PC fujitsu lifebook t4215バッテリー hardware platform with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset,CPU to dual-core 1GHz frequency,run the memory as 1GB,you can ensure the system is running off of memory.Motorola XOOM Tablet PC's performance can reach the peak of the current Android tablet,the use of the system is running very smoothly.Then 1280 * 800 resolution with touch screen display on the web,so video is very good.

Android system's browser supports flash player,the browser side effects is the same with PC fujitsu fpcbp155 ,and Web video can be directly viewed.Motorola XOOM Tablet PC is also equipped with many features software.Their own software market called Knowledgeware Park,which included software is not a lot,but all are fine.Many of which are developed specifically for the HD version of tablet PCs,they can be downloaded after networking.

Motorola XOOM Tablet PC fujitsu lifebook t5010バッテリー built-in GPS satellite navigation chip,preloaded with genuine high-de navigation map.When using GPS search is very fast,less than 10 seconds to complete the search satellite positioning.Map of Germany with high-real junction navigation Enlargement,clear guidelines to every fork in the road,you can always view the real-time traffic to avoid congested roads.The interface is also more beautiful,unified with the Android system interface.

XOOM Tablet PC fujitsu fpcbp144 with the office suite can read and edit common format,for those who have substantial business it is very convenience.It has MINIHDMI interface,with appropriate HDMI cable,you can share the screen to big screen.And its camera shot is well,500 million pixel camera belonging to the mainstream level,dual flash design so that it can work around the clock.And it's life time to reach the 6 hours 24 minutes,daily use can provide a full day of power support.

The emergence of Motorola XOOM Tablet PC,watching the Android camp as the leader of the entire product.Regardless of design or production process-inch product,the closer to Apple's iPad,or even iPad2.Although the Android system,fluency and Apple ios system there is a gap,but also Apple's Android system ios do not have many advantages.XOOM Tablet PC's fujitsu lifebook s7110バッテリー powerful hardware configuration,high-resolution display,better web browsing and video,is a fine Tablet PC.

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