Knowledge of Sony VAIO F219 notebook

16/08/2011 17:06


Sony VAIO F219 notebook's vgp-bps9a/b"VAIO" button used to call "VAIO" software,which set the video,music,photos and other players in one,is a multimedia software.The top left of the keyboard there are four player control keys,use of sensitive buttons designed by the touch sensor to open and close,after turn it on the top of the indicator lights.Wrist rest at the bottom left corner of the design has five status lights.

The five status lights are indicate battery charge status,hard disk data reading,wireless control,Memory Stick Duo and SD memory card.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's vgp-bps8abattery in the rear fuselage,dual buckle design.Battery specifications for 10.4V,5000mAh,54Wh.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's interface configuration is more complete,left the body from left to right are:safety lock,cooling ports,VGA port,HDMI port,an Ethernet cable port,and two USB3.0 interface.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook's right side of the body powder,respectively from left to right:headphone jack,microphone jack,a USB2.0,and Blu-ray drive.As a result of using hidden hinge design,the Sony VAIO F219 notebook'shp pavilion dv2000バッテリー rear did not design any interface.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's front from left to right are:1394 interface,Wireless LAN switch and SD card reader.Therefore,it is has more complete interface configurable.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook's dell xps m1330バッテリーhardware configuration is the i7-2720QM processor.It is a new generation of Sandy Bridge core Intel processor,clocked at 2.20GHz,Turbo Boost up after upgrade to 3.30GHz,the performance is very powerful.Massive 8GB DDR3 memory can be used to describe the data processing is also very good.640GB 7200 RPM high speed hard drives,it should be able to bring a faster system responsiveness.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook's 16-inch full HD display is a highlight.With support for 3D technology,the refresh rate reached 120MHz,when you turn on 3D mode,but up to 240MHz.F219 notebook dell xps m1530バッテリーequipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT540M graphics card,built-in 96 CUDA cores.It with a 128bit memory interface and 1GB DDR3 memory capacity,and supports DirectX 11,CUDA,PhysX,and 3D Vision technology.

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