Knowledge of Tablet PC

18/04/2011 16:30

 Knowledge of Tablet PC

Tablet PC is a new member of the PC family,its appearance is similar to the laptop dell inspiron 6400バッテリー.But it is not a simple laptop,it can be called a condensed version of the laptop.Its appearance between the laptop and Pocket PC,but its capacity is greater than Pocket PC.Compared to laptop,it has all the features of laptop,it also supports handwriting input and voice input,mobility and portability are better.

Tablet PC is a small,portable personal computer ThinkPad x61 バッテリー,with touch screen as the primary input device.Tablet PC has two sizes,one for the special tablet,external keyboard,screen and so on,working as a general PC use.Another way for the laptop tablet notebook can be as general opening and closing.

Tablet PC HP compaq nc6400バッテリー with touch screen(also known as tablet technology)allows users to a stylus or digital pen to operate rather than the traditional keyboard or mouse.Users can built-in handwriting recognition,soft keyboard on the screen,voice recognition or a real keyboard(if the aircraft is equipped with it).Tablet PC also has AlphaTap and Shark shorthand such software,these software allows users typing speed of the stylus to enter text.

Most Tablet PCs use Wacom tablet,the tablet pen can quickly get to the location then tell the computer.Tablet PC compaq presario cq50バッテリー which use this tablet screen surface will in a weak magnetic field,the magnetic field inside the stylus can only play a role in the device.So users can safely put your hand on the screen because only the stylus will only affect the screen.

Tablet PC is the representative of the next generation mobile business PC.From the concept of product point view of Microsoft's Tablet PC,tablet PC HP compaq nx6110バッテリー is a no need to flip,no keyboard,small enough to put Ms. handbags,but a full-featured PC.Than the laptop, except it has all of its functions, also supports handwriting input or voice input,mobility and portability are better.

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