Knowledge of the Lenovo G475 laptop

26/07/2011 16:08


The Lenovo G475 laptop thinkpad r60バッテリーis equipped with a Hitachi 320GB 5400RPM hard drive.This hard drive's average transfer rate is 66.2MB/s,the maximum transfer rate of 85.5MB/s and a minimum transfer rate of 41.5MB/sec.Then plus 18.7 ms access time,its overall performance in the ordinary SATA hard drive in the middle level.Ability in the game,the Lenovo G475 laptop is not configured with graphics card.

But APU integration AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics core provides a relatively good ability to run 3D and supports DX11,so the mainstream network 3D games usually can basically handle it.Lenovo G475 laptop IBM thinkpad t60バッテリー equipped with a 48Wh lithium ion battery,14-inch notebook will normally configured so the battery capacity.Its endurance was tested through Windows 7 assessment of life.The ultimate life of this G475 laptop for 5 hours and 20 minutes,the results are very good.

This is mainly because AMD E350 APU have excellent energy-saving design,thermal design power of only 18W,less power is clearly to provide greater endurance.Of course,this result can only view as a reference value,according to the user's actual performance will vary in different applications.As a low-cost notebook,this Lenovo G475 laptop dell latitude d620バッテリーhas a mainstream design,and performance to meet the user's daily basic application requirements.

Need to mention is that the internal configuration of the AMD E350 APU used in the traditional 14-inch mainstream laptops dell latitude d410バッテリーcan be enough to ensure performance under the premise of more cool,standby time will be greatly increased.Ultra-low power consumption,low heat,powerful audio and video decoding experience,mainstream 3D application performance,which is AMD APU brought to us by surprise.

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