Knowledge of ThinkPad E420s laptop

06/06/2011 18:02

 Knowledge of ThinkPad E420s laptop

ThinkPad E420s laptop has three USB ports in total,including a set of USB and E-SATA sharing,and support the charging function of sleep,but not USB 3.0.E420s laptop acer aspire 5630バッテリー also HDMI output,RJ-45,VGA,card readers and other equipment.There is also a small group to upgrade the design of flu help inhaled DVD drive.And its I / O with an average fee in the fuselage of the left,right and rear.

If you turn the machine at the end to look,you can find the ThinkPad E420s sony vgp-bps13 machine's end is very smooth.This is because it is use of the integrated battery design,but it is not free to replace the battery.The left side of the fuselage slot load CD drive and card reader,the rear fuselage with VGA,USB + E-SATA port,and RJ-45,and the right side of the fuselage has two USB and HDMI.

ThinkPad E420s laptop compaq 6720sバッテリー is a standard law-abiding,the new 14-inch machine.It is configured dual-core Intel Core i5-2410M Processor(2.3GHz-2.9GHz), AMD Radeon HD6630M significant independence,even though they are not very high.But thire actual performance are definitely not poor,it will be enough for users who don't have heavy need for laptops.

In addition to has 2GB of memory AMD Radeon HD6630M shown significant independence,E420s laptop acer aspire 5610バッテリーas well as has Intel HD3000 integrated graphics chips can be used.As a way to switch the two cards,press the right mouse button on the desktop called out the menu,and select the "Set interchangeable graphics adapter".Then it will jump out of a special interface,allowing users to specify which program to use what kind of graphics card.

About the ThinkPad E420s laptop's acer as07a31 life,in the power supply is fully charged and Wi-Fi,Bluetooth is turned off,and then the screen brightness and volume are adjusted to intermediate values.Then continuous playback MP4 format DVD movies in full screen.This condition to test the ThinkPad E420s laptop's life,come to about 4.1 hours (246 minutes) about the use of time.

Although Edge E420s laptop's rugged body may be smaller than ThinkPad X,T and other series laptop.However,Edge E420s laptop's data security actually has a good performance,and processors,graphics cards are still OK.In addition,E420s laptop has a red dot which other Sandt Bridge laptopsacer aspire 3690バッテリー don't have to use.Low-price models are not expensive,considered consumers,small and medium enterprises are applicable to the 14-inch mainstream new models Sandy Bridge.

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