LIFEBOOK SH561 laptop's appearance

22/06/2011 15:12


In fact,regardless of Fujitsu laptop fujitsu fpcbp144size,location,exterior design is almost all in a minimalist style based.At most,is the change in the colors change on the pattern,but there is too little too cool or trendy design techniques.The other is to use less metal,most plastics material or in the main.LIFEBOOK SH561 is like this,it has a crystal Diamond black, the cold white two color choices,which seems quite refreshing cold white style.

Although LIFEBOOK SH561 laptop's apple macbook pro 15 inchバッテリー  just a simple mirror effect cover at a diagonal pattern in and low-key design(only a little to close to see).However,in the white snow-white body paint to the outside,whether it is winter or summer,it seems very right taste.It also has a white piano lacquer cover and unlimited logo.It's all white inside of the fuselage.Metal body with silver trim front embellishment,so that the whole machine will not feel too plastic.

Opened the cover,you can find the cold white style LIFEBOOK SH561 laptop,inside the fuselage with a screen frame,keyboard,wrist area to touch home plate,all are unified white line painting.There are many laptops pa3451u-1brs are with white color,but even the screen is also a white border on the rare.In addition,the white section of the LIFEBOOK SH561 laptop is a matte screen frame design,not reflective or finger stick.

LIFEBOOK SH561 laptop's keyboard with the spill-resistant function,although the button style is more conservative and did not put on the popular chocolate style,but does not affect the typing feel.Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH761,SH561,P771 and PH701 Lenovo thinkpad x200バッテリー four simultaneously released this new machine,the touchpad on the right are more of a circular touchpad.The round touch pad is integrated in the general touchpad scroll function independent.

Users only need to draw circles with your fingers on the inside,you can scroll up and down the page or file.Clockwise when you can scroll down the page,counterclockwise rotation,then you can scroll up the page.The strange thing is,obviously has been specially designed to give you a round touchpad use,but LIFEBOOK SH561 laptop dell latitude d430バッテリー  touchpad with scroll page is still functional,and can not cancel this function,always feel a bit superfluous.

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