Naked eye 3D charm Toshiba Qosmio F750

11/07/2011 15:14


Toshiba Qosmio F750 world's first 3D naked eye notebook toshiba pa3536u 1brsis coming,are you ready?Although is already a lot of 3D notebooks on the market,but they need to buy matching 3D eyes.However,when users watch 3D movies,they still feel dizziness,nausea and other symptoms at the same time.As one of the world's leading notebook manufacturers,Toshiba recently introduced a naked eye 3D notebook.The Toshiba products in this 3D technology made improvements to the naked eye,you can get a better visual effect.

Especially in the contrast and depth of field in a qualitative improvement that allows users to feel no dizziness.But if you often move your line of sight,the system will be re-tuned,you may want to re-adapt to the 3D perception.Because Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptop IBM thinkpad t60バッテリーusing the latest 3D naked eye technology,the playback screen contrast and depth of field has shown exactly the same,so the whole vivid 3D animation,immersive effect is superb.

Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptop uses 15.6-inch Full HD 1920x1080 resolution display,supports for both 2D and 3D video playback naked eye.Qosmio F750 laptop IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーis also equipped with second generation Intel Core i7 processor,Nvidia GeForce GT540M graphics (up to 2GB).It also built a large 6GB memory and Blu-ray drive,and equipped with a Harman Kardon sound, sound,performance are unmatched.It uses a full keyboard design,and the key's keycap is large,easy and accurate to beat.

Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptop preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.In addition it is equipped with Harman Kardon stereo speakers,entertainment is more superior.It's palm rest with plastic checkered design,A surface area for the Red C for the black,black and red with a full domineering.Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptop thinkpad x60 バッテリーalso supports 802.11b/g/n wireless,Bluetooth and other functions,and provides USB 3.0,USB 2.0x3,Mini D-Sub,HDMI interface and a Harman Kardon sound.

Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptop's appearance does not take unusual way,with pink design,closer to home use.In addition to its more mainstream with the USB2.0,VGA and other interfaces,but also built USB3.0,HDMI and Blu-ray drive.The right side of the fuselage built a Blu-ray drive,the left side of the fuselage design of the USB3.0 high speed interface.Toshiba Qosmio F750 the world's first 3D naked eye notebook IBM thinkpad t60pバッテリーwill be released later,it will bring a strange visual feast for the majority of consumers.

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