Newman P7 Tablet PC

16/09/2011 09:40


Downloaded video,the Newman P7 Tablet PCacer as07b41 can basicly played directly,eliminating the need for the user's own conversion of trouble.And it supports external subtitle file to read,track selection,Resume Playback,and many other useful features.Newman P7 Tablet PC can perfectly play the 1080P high definition video,and playback is very smooth,no Caton and other phenomena,the overall experience is good.

In addition,users can also output through the HDMI interface,HD video output to digital TV to watch.Newman P7 Tablet PC dell xps m1210バッテリーalso supports mass e-books to download,view the world with free time to read,enjoy reading infinite.Newman P7 Tablet PC uses a high-performance ARM Cortex A9 core processor,clocked at up to 1GHz,and run with 512M DDR2 memory,built-in 3D graphics chips support the latest 3D OPENGL ES2.0 standards.

Newman Newpad P7 Tablet PC dell inspiron 1501バッテリーwith 7-inch 16:9 flat panel resistive touch screen all the smart Android2.2 open smartphone operating system,supports over two hundred thousand kinds of software,ARM Cortex A9 core,mail400 2D/3D graphics processor with a 16G memory card.Newman Newpad P7 price in the thousands can be said to be the ultimate flat panel products,the appearance of steady,solid work,with built-in software for the machinetoshiba pa3399u 2brs to a rich luster many.

Newman Newpad P7 Tablet PC's variety of common interface and 3G card support enables the machine to use a wider range.The machine's screen is touch screen,use may be some discomfort.But the price is so low the machine can still be understood,in addition to the machine's battery sony pcga-bp2ealife is more general.For the less affluent students and friends on hand or just read and the video playback,you can look at this machine.

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