Performance advantages of ViewPad 10S

04/04/2011 17:00

 Performance advantages of ViewPad 10S

In the past year,Tablet ThinkPad x61 バッテリー has been a hot topic.Many people think that the majority of Tablet PC use is the same as the general laptop,but the diversity of digital life give more meaning to Tablet PC.From the electronic read to video chat,from games to simple business,the advantages of tablet PCs become more necessary accompanying novel,and unique.A Tablet PC,how will life change?Let us know something about ViewSonic ViewPad 10S,then we may know the answer.

The appearance of ViewSonic ViewPad 10S vgp-bps2B with a strong fashion style.All Black machine adjustment,the rear cover using a special coating process, decent look.ViewPad 10S weighing only 730g,14.5mm thickness,easy to carry.Control button located in the right / upper side,feel better,the front is also more overall coordination.

Considerations for multimedia applications,ViewSonic ViewPad 10S ThinkPad x40 バッテリー platform with NVIDIA Tegra2.A new generation of Cortex A9 processors made by the eight core integration:two 1GHz core,two DSP core,2D/3D graphics accelerator,1080p decoding unit,and so on.Some one even praised ViewPad 10S HD decoding capability is "with forward-looking design industry as a whole."

In storage,the ViewSonic ViewPad 10S A1185 バッテリー is equipped with 512MB storage capacity,comes with USB2.0 Micro SD Reader and other data exchange interface.Many people wonder why there is no built-in ViewPad 10S mass storage unit?This is the key to changing application ViewPad 10S Micro SD Reader users access to large capacity memory card,and the contents of different data pre-and achieve a variety of proprietary applications.

USB2.0 interface,can also be an external storage device,into the key data for the current application.Fixed and can not be compared to the built-in storage unit expansion mode,ViewPad 10S dell latitude d520バッテリー flexible storage determines the possibilities of a variety of general applications.This is also theone performance advantage of ViewSonic ViewPad 10S.

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