Performance of Lenovo sun C466M-MX

23/04/2011 10:45


Rising Sun C466M-MX toshiba pa3420u 1brs(Disney Disney)Disney version use of Mickey Mouse theme.It's a round head,round ears are well known around the world,a symbol of happiness and confidence.It will join the most popular Mickey Mouse,will delight in the use of the computer all the time penetration,leaving you more confident in the envy of everyone.

Lenovo sun C466M-MX lenovo 3000 v100バッテリー use smart BOX design,either opened or closed,the entire product line can be the perfect convergence of the product look seamless.Sunken rectangular shaft,so that the screen in the open lower screen height,so that the screen surface smooth operation of the visual plane and convergence.4 USB2.0 interface and Express Card interface,such as distributed on both sides,convenient and practical.

Full 64-bit mobile technology platform,with several new technologies to enhance the system performance.With a faster I / O control,hard drive to exchange data with speeds up to 3Gbps.thinkpad t60バッテリー is equipped with next-generation Merom 64-bit dual core processor.By high-speed bus,dynamic bus frequency switching,the depth of sleep,single-core dynamic acceleration,the four new technologies make the same case,power consumption,higher performance.

Lenovo's high touch keyboard with a high-touch keyboard technology patents.In terms of the quality of the keyboard,or touch the keyboard entirely comparable to the most high-end notebook dell inspiron 6400バッテリーkeyboard.Rising Sun in terms of new keyboard layout,Cap shape,touch on all the key way to update a humane,not only faster entry,enter the correct rate,it enables the input is more comfortable.

Lenovo's one key recovery,Norton anti-virus, with "one key recovery",can restore the system to factory state,replacing the user's worries.Norton 2007 antivirus software HP compaq 6510bバッテリーwith real-time monitoring and protection system and effectively reduce viruses.30,000 hours without failure protection,strict test,the average time to failure (MTBF):up to 30,000 hours,leading to most notebooks.

It has free wireless network (IGRS IGRS),equipped with the latest IGRS (IGRS) 3.5,provides more flexible way for wireless applications.Whether or not the wireless network environment,you can play games and transfer files with a flexible network and other Lenovo notebooks toshiba pa3399u 2brs,but also through the intelligent features to their computer projection screen projection to multiple Lenovo notebook up.

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