Samsung Aegis Business laptop

25/05/2011 14:21


Nobody know how strong the Samsung it is,but we know that Samsung has been leading the entire industry.Samsung's new Aegis business laptop compaq 6720sバッテリー has been listed,which include 600B,400B,and 200B three product models.And covering 12-inch,14 inch and 15 inch sizes and many other products,targeted at high-end commercial market.And it is this "Aegis" series name,that Samsung will flex its muscles in the business world.

The shield of Zeus,indestructible.In the structure,Samsung Aegis Business laptop acer batbl50l6 using Samsung 1 +1 impact design,Anti-Shock structure,and polymer cushioning material.Samsung Dura Case Pro technology,the biggest bear the weight of up to 1,000 kg.It also built-in Free Fall Sensor,Sensor hard drive protection system falls,to provide users with the highest level of security protection.

In data security,Aegis series can be equipped with fingerprint recognition and security chip.Double authentication and data encryption protection,protection no leak.Samsung Aegis business laptops acer aspire 5630バッテリー are divided into 600B,400B,and 200B models,but its black magnesium casing are made of metal.And frosted slip after treatment,the overall appearance of calm,the atmosphere.

Aegis new laptop equipped with 300 high-definition lumens bright glare Guangping and vertically through the liquid spill-resistant keyboard diversion system.Real vision for the business user to do high-definition,comfortable and healthy,make the working more smooth.Samsung Aegis Business laptop acer aspire 5610バッテリー except for using spill-resistant keyboard which apart from the vertical through the liquid diversion system,in Cap also made great efforts

Samsung Aegis business laptop concave depth of the key increased by 20%,its key processes increased by 10%,achieve high office.Meanwhile,Samsung Aegis laptop's touch pad area increased 30%,and supports multi-touch,but also equiped with Track Point refers to the pole design.Together with the necessary business laptop acer aspire 3690バッテリー fingerprint reader,Samsung Aegis new business laptop is enough to compared with the ThinkPad.

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