The main advantage of Tablet PC

20/04/2011 09:17


In appearance,Tablet PC thinkpad t60バッテリー with distinctive features.Some like a separate LCD screen,but should be thicker than the average number of screens,hard drives configured in the above and other necessary hardware.Some similar look and notebook computers,but it can optionally display rotation.Portable mobile,it is the same size as the laptop small and light,you can always transfer its use place,with a mobile than desktop flexibility.

Unique Table PC IBM thinkpad t400バッテリー Windows XP operating system,not only has the general function of Windows XP,XP-compatible regular applications can run on the tablet PC,increase the handwriting input,extended XP's features.Extended way using PC using the dedicated "T" on the computer operation,it is as simple as the use of pen and paper.Also supports keyboard and mouse,the same as normal computer operation.

Digital notes,leading the number of tablet PCs as PDA,handheld computers sony vgp bpl13バッテリー,as do ordinary laptop,laptop at any time,create your own text,graphics and pictures.At the same time integrated electronic "ink" in the core Office XP applications to use ink in Office documents retained their own handwriting.

Personal use,the use of Tablet PC and pen settings control,can customize the personality of the Tablet PC toshiba pa3536u 1brs operating,calibrating your pen,set the left or right hand operation,set the Table Pc button to complete specific tasks,such as opening applications or from the horizontal screen Go to the longitudinal orientation of the screen.

Facilitate the deployment and management,Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows XP Professional includes the advanced deployment and strategy in the characteristics of business environment greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Tablet PC HP compaq 6510bバッテリー.Global business solutions to support multi-national language.Windows XP Tablet PC Edition already have English,German,French,Japanese,Chinese(Simplified and Traditional)and Korean localized versions,and soon there will be more localized versions come out.

The highest level of protection of critical data,Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows XP Professional provides all the security features, including encryption file system,access control.Tablet PC also offers a special CTRL + ALT + DEL button and the security of user login.The biggest characteristic of Tablet PC compaq presario cq45バッテリー is digital ink and handwriting recognition input,and a powerful pen recognition,speech recognition,gesture recognition, and has mobility.

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