World's most expensive mobile phone

14/04/2011 15:28

 World's most expensive mobile phone

If there is a cell phone dell xps m1330バッテリー may seem as heavy as bricks,not have the color,only have 16 chords,and can not take pictures.Then how much you are willing to spend money to buy?Maybe you will not want to think about it.However,if the mobile phone printed Vertu words,then the price of this phone will be as high as $ 32,000,the most expensive asking price will be a two hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

Vertu is an independent company of a subsidiary of wireless communications giant Nokia.This brand of mobile phones lenovo n100 3000バッテリー built by hand,although it is expensive,and limited functionality,but the glamorous style is popular,has become the identity of the characterization in Asia.Entrepreneurs,celebrities,professionals and aristocratic ladies,almost everyone has one.

A VERTU phone HP compaq nx6120バッテリー,which price more than ten million,certainly it will not be careless in the production process of course.Machine surface display is manufacturing high hardness of sapphire crystal.The internal structure mainly use titanium materials,hardness is four times higher than steel,but the weight is only a half.Every point of contact under the stars buttons are made in spend ruby,apart from special status was extraordinary,also have high durability.

General button can withstand thousands of compression,but this phone HP compaq 6710bバッテリー has managed to push through millions of business as usual,it is really rare.And the whole machine inside and outside the chip to the button are manually mounted,the distinguished level of mass production of mobile phones generally not be compared.Finally,in case together with precious metals such as gold and platinum for the modified,full of super-rich flavor.

Vertu phone HP compaq nx6325バッテリー launched in Asia sevaral years ago,it is popular by the Chinese mainland,Hong Kong,Indonesia and Singapore.Vertu declined to give sales figures,but a senior executive said that sales doubled every 6 months.This phone is a luxury,function is normally.Only the design and the materials used is something extravagant.

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