Women portable laptop Sony VAIO S138

09/05/2011 17:55


Sony VAIO S13 VPCS138EC laptop is very attractive in the market.Because it is a stylish compact metal design of the honor.Sony S138EC laptop toshiba pa3536u 1brs uses metal material,and adding frosted technology to create.Its shell is made of cutting edge design,more light.The new S138 laptop also has a pink, green and black color options.

S138 laptop make the CPU upgrade to Intel Core i5-460M,is a practical multi-function 13-inch models.Sony S138 laptop dell latitude d810バッテリー built-in ambient light sensor,the screen brightness will automatically adjust the brightness with the environment.Another use of the backlit keyboard,ambient light will automatically turn on low.Not only allows the operator to more easily,it also seems to have added with more fashion sense.

In configuration,the Sony S138 dell xps m1530バッテリー equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.It also equipped with Intel Core i5-560M processor,clocked at 2.66GHz,with 4 GB of DDR3 memory,and 500GB hard disk space.NVIDIA GeForce 310M also has significant independence.In addition,the Sony S138 laptop with seismic strengthening mechanism of the hard disk,built-in SONY Media Gallery software and VAIO Care repair.So it is a good helper for modern online entertainment.

In interface,Sony S138EC laptop's dell latitude e6400バッテリーbody is equipped with three USB2.0 data transfer interface,a multi-card reader,an ExpressCard expansion interface,VGA,HDMI video output interface,a RJ45,headphone output,microphone input interface,power supply interface,1394 interface and so on.Rich interface design is enough to meet the operational requirements of daily use.

Although there has little change in appearance of Sony VPCS138EC / P (pink) laptop.The configuration of the upgrade is still very attractive.Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA discrete graphics, 4GB of memory,so that the configuration is balanced and strong in the pa3594u 1brs Equipped with 13.3-inch screen,and 2.0 kg in body weight control also makes it have a good portability.So it is suitable for white-collar female fashion consumers.

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Appearance of Toshiba AS100 Tablet PC

05/05/2011 14:40


Toshiba AS100 Tablet PC dell latitude d410バッテリー with black design,with a circle in the silver side, thick texture of the overall business.AS100 middle part of the positive is screen,its 10.1-inch widescreen could support multi-touch screen,resolution is 1024 * 600,it can support up to 4 touch.The upper border is the 1.3 million-pixel camera,next to a microphone for online video.

AS100 Tablet PC's dell xps m1530バッテリー upper right side of the border is a light,charge and power to run the lights will light up to indicate the working status of power supply or battery.Right of the screen are four touch sensitive keys,the corresponding function from top to bottom are:search,back,home,menu. After the shock will be prompted to touch the keys,while the white background light will be lit.

Then left and right bottom of the screen is a speaker,putting can provide a good stereo effect.AS100 Tablet PC dell vostro 1510バッテリー has a plain black back,white in the middle line of characters "TOSHIBA",with the Toshiba notebook style is very similar.Lower right corner of an Nvidia stickers,which clearly shows the Tablet PC's hardware configuration.

The right side of the fuselage from top to bottom are the SD card slot,HDMI Interface,USB2.0 Interface,MiniUSB Interface,3.5mm headphone jack and dell studio 1735バッテリー charger port.HDMI,USB and MiniUSB interfaces cover protection.Bottom of the fuselage provides a docking connector,you can connect an optional base, can extend the interface,connect the charger. here are 3 USB docking port,mouse and keyboard can be connected to the Tablet PC.

Toshiba is based on the idea of laptop to ​​design AS100 Tablet PC.With the adapter from the AS100 will be able to see it.AS100 PC's toshiba pa3450u 1brs adapter is similar to the Internet,the output voltage is 19V,power is 30 watts,power connector and the general interface are the same as laotop.So most of the laptop power adapter can apply for the Tablet PC.As long as the interface to insert in the output,and voltage is 19V,then it can be used.

This versatility will bring some convenience for the user.As long as the laptop's power adapter to match,more a way of charging.The idea of ​​the design is the Tablet PC lenovo 3000 n100 バッテリー can replace the battery which is the another example of Toshiba in accordance with the laptop design ideas to design AS100 .Open the right side of the lock button,you can win back cover,then you can replace the battery of the AS100 Tablet PC.

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Honeycomb structure of red Toshiba R830

04/05/2011 15:19


Toshiba recently released 13.3-inch thin and light laptop dell latitude d810バッテリー upgrade to R700 Portege R830 in Taiwan.In addition to adhering to the slim,portable, rugged design with drive away.Toshiba Portege R830 features Intel processors and join Sandy Bridge USB3.0 interface.At the same time,it is equipped with two versions for you to choose:fashion red and black steady.

Toshiba released the Portege R830 dell studio 15バッテリー13.3-inch with the Department of USB3.0 interface.And it is equipped with a whole new generation of Sandy Bridge Intel processors.Specific model are the Intel Core i3-2310M (2.3GHz),Core i5-2410M (2.3-2.9GHz),Core i5-2520M (2.5-3.2GHz) and the most high-end Core i7-2620M (2.7-3.4GHz) processor.

In addition to the new R Series Notebook Toshiba 14-inch Tecra R840,the other models are available in red,black roof color can choose,add a little fashion taste.In addition,the Toshiba R830's dell vostro 1310バッテリー screen resolution is 1366x768,and it uses a matte screen design.It is allows users to healthy, can enjoy the office entertainment for a long time.

Toshiba Portege R700 13.3-inch laptop,which released in July last year,built-in optical drive but weighs only 1.4 kg,the thickness between the range of 16.8-25.6mm.R830 dell studio 1537バッテリー as the upgraded version of R700,except for fully extend R700 slim body design.Another focus is to configure a comprehensive upgrade,but the price is relatively cheaper.

Toshiba Portege R830 laotop has improved hardware specifications,see the interior design of the fuselage did not sloppy.Toshiba R830 lenovo 3000 v100バッテリー with the new air-cooling technology,the design of the main components of high heat concentration.And the use of large diameter cooling fan strong jet stream diversion of fresh air cooling,can effectively inhibit the CPU at full speed when the heat generated.

At the same time,Toshiba Portege R830 laptop of the body to enhance the internal honeycomb structure also to the strength of 24%,so thin and light notebook also durable.And Toshiba Portege R830 notebooks toshiba pa3536u 1brs are built-in USB 3.0 interface,and DVD Super Multi drive. Bluetooth 3.0,9.5 mm body,Intel HD3000 integrated graphics.But the commercial version of notebooks more than a fingerprint reader and TPM security chip.

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Applications of ASUS EeePad TF101

03/05/2011 10:50

Applications of ASUS EeePad TF101

Android 3.0 is a large-screen flat-panel devices for the new system,with more gorgeous visual effects.Especially when the increase in small tools and change the wallpaper.Android 3.0 of ASUS EeePad TF101 dell latitude d410バッテリー has five standby default desktop,a desktop for each can be placed up to 56 procedures.It can also be placed about four to five large-size Widget,use of space is more freedom.The other is the interface operation is quite smooth.

ASUS EeePad TF101 dell latitude d810バッテリー web browser with them is very smooth,support for Flash is also high.But when play the flash web games,the effect is not good,and the overall reaction rate is not fast enough.Although the effect of playing Flash web games is not good,but under the effect of the Android Market to play the HD game is very good.Angry Birds Rio,Gun Bros and other games are very fun to play.

Another major function of tablet PCs:Portable portable video player.By Rock Player,EeePad Transformer can play rmvb,avi,mp4,mov,wmv,wav,mkv video format.And also can smooth playback 720p dell studio 1737バッテリー high-definition video.However,EeePad Transformer support for 1080p video is not high enough.The effect of 1080p movie trailers which downloaded from the iTunes,as well as converting video from Blu-ray is not very good.

ASUS EeePad Transformer Built-in two cameras.Machine back is 500 million pixels (auto focus),while the front is 120 million pixels.ASUS EeePad Transformer's toshiba pa3594u 1brs shooting interface function is little,you can adjust the exposure,photo pixels, white balance,color effects,but otherwise,there have no other function can play.In addition,the machine back 500 million pixel camera with auto focus,and then will be asked to click the shutter button to focus and then photographed.However,the speed of focusing is so-so.

ASUS EeePad Transformer toshiba satellite p205バッテリー will be built-in applications Polaris office random set of procedures.It can be used to view,edit Word,PowerPoint and Excel and other office files. Basically,office file with Polaris office to view,inevitably there will be occasionally displayed abnormal situation.When polaris office view office files,the default state is read mode.If you want to modify the content,you must switch to edit mode.

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Creative external keyboard of EeePad Transformer

01/05/2011 14:16


The most unique place of EeePad Transformer dell latitude d410バッテリー is its special design of unique keyboard base that can fit / separation.EeePad Transformer keyboard base is metal,after the merger it also has a great texture.It comes with a latch shaft part of the switch,the left will be able to simply wave the plate separation from the keyboard,and supports hot swap.

Although the separation plate is simple,but ASUS fixed body to do the whole quite reliable.Unless you manually release the latch switch,or else flat base is almost no loose from the keyboard.EeePad Transformer dell studio 1737バッテリー exclusive keyboard base with chocolate button design that same as ASUS laptops.Its keyboard keys feel good,and built a number of useful shortcut keys,make it easier to use.

What are the shortcut keys it has?First,it has Android device to return the most basic keys,search keys,the Home button and menu button.Then there are wireless networks dell latitude e6400バッテリー,Bluetooth and set the shortcut key shortcut keys (directly into the setting by the screen).But also directly on the built-in screenshot keyboard shortcuts (the same as normal computer keyboard Prt Scrn key.)For the people who write articles particularly it is very useful.

The touchpad below the keyboard appears is like the general Eee PC toshiba satellite p200バッテリー,and it also supports multi-finger touch.It can be used to zoom in / out image or web page,and switch the standby page.But unfortunately,the sensitivity of the touchpad can not adjust,so it is not very easy to use.So even if it is connected to the keyboard,sometimes directly through the touch screen to operate is more convient.

One of the benefits after connecting the keyboard base:there has two more USB 2.0.With USB 2.0 jack,EeePad Transformer lenovo 3000 n200バッテリー can be connected to MP3,card readers,external hard drive (supports FAT format), mouse, Bluetooth mouse is OK to use (but not 3G network card should be.) As long as the external device through the USB connection, Android 3.0 interface to the lower right status bar will be displayed.

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Far away is mirth withdrawn

30/04/2011 14:14

 Far, far away is mirth withdrawn

'Tis three long hours before the morn
And toshiba pa3450u 1brs
So come thou shade commune with me 

Deserted one ! thy corpse lies cold
And mingled with a foreign mould
Year after year the grass grows green
Above the dust where thou hast been. 

I will not name thy blighted name
Tarnished by unforgotton shame
Though not because my bosom torn
Joins the mad world in all its scorn  

Thy phantom face is dark with woe
Tears have left ghastly traces there,
Those ceaseless tears ! I wish their flow
Could quench thy wild despair. 

They deluge my heart like the rain
On toshiba pa3536u 1brs plain
Yet when I hear thy foes deride
I must cling closely to thy side

Our mutual foes - they will not rest
From trampling on thy buried breast
Glutting there hatred with the doom
They picture thine, beyond the tomb  

But God is not like human kind
Man cannot read the Almighty mind
Vengeance will never tortue they
Nor hunt thy soul eternally 

Then do not in this night of grief
This time of over whelming fear
O do not think that God can leave
Forget, forsake, refuse to hear  

What have I dreamt ? He lies asleep
With toshiba pa3537u 1brs weep
He rests - and I endure the woe
That left his spirit long ago 

Knowledge of Fuji Z200fd

29/04/2011 09:05

Fuji Z200fd has four colors:red and black,pink,silver and black.Z200fd's dell latitude d420バッテリー body design with water chestnut,and with periscope lens,making the whole digital camera noble and refined.Metal body design makes the whole camera feel cold.Fuji Z200fd has a thin body,the thickest is only 19.8mm.Metal material body,texture well.

Fuji Z200fd's body size is 92.0 × 55.7 × 20.0mm,weight is about 134g.Quality is more appropriate to hold in the hand,is also very convenient to carry.Fuji Z200fd dell latitude d810バッテリー uses the imaging part of the 1,000 million effective pixels 1/2.3 inch CCD,is the most mainstream configuration.Fuji Z200fd's lens focal lengths for the 33-165mm,with a 5x optical zoom capability.Maximum aperture of F3.8-F4.8,ISO up to 1600.

Fuji Z200fd dell vostro 1520バッテリー also features Face Detection technology,intelligent red-eye correction technology and Dual Image Stabilisation.Its 2.7-inch LCD rear screen with 23 million pixels of resolution,to bring a good shooting and playback.Operation button design is also more reasonable,so it is easy to opreate.Fuji Z200fd most special feature is the new Couple Timer and Group Timer.

By pressing the camera's dell studio 15バッテリー timer button to enter,then the double self-timer function will wait until close to the screen together in the face again when the two were shooting.You can choose to achieve intimacy,"near","close" or "super-close close-up" to the shooting.The group self-timer function only when all the staff in place to shoot,to avoid the rush photographs.You can appear in the photo you want the number of select friends,"two", "three" or "four" to shoot.

Fuji Z200fd is a very fashionable digital camera toshiba pa3450u 1brs with a metal fuselage. Z200fd in the body design ingenuity lens cap, lens cap with push-type slider. DC common with other slider design different, Z200fd's lens cap body panel occupies only 3 / 4 area. Floating on top of the fuselage panels, sliding to the direction of 45 degrees along the diagonal direction to promote. And such a design is first of its kind Fuji.

This approach,while sliding in particular,but very handy to use.Slide the track is very smooth,damp feel very small.The design is so unique perception that added a lot of style for the camera lenovo 3000 n100 バッテリー.Under its small size,the built-in 5x optical zoom lens.Diagonal slide and the body with the variety of colors is a major feature of Fuji Z200fd,make it more personal,vigorous and full.

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How to buy a better camera

28/04/2011 08:59

 camera into the san

Digital cameras have entered the field of mass consumption,and many friends would like to have a digital camera dell latitude d410バッテリー.But could not know how to choose.As a highly integrated digital technology products,in the purchase process,there will be a problem of how to choose a better one.Now when we are buying a digital camera,we focusing on the number of pixels on the CCD.In fact,digital cameras' other consumer performance more worthy of attention

Pixel and the pixel resolution is the basic unit of digital images,each pixel is a small point.And different colored dots (pixels) come together to become a stunning photographs.Pixel digital camera dell xps m1530バッテリー often the basis for classification.But many people think that the number of pixels are the number of sensitive points on the CCD photosensitive unit.In fact,this statement is not entirely correct.

Now,many manufacturers have the same sensitive point in the CCD photosensitive cells generated under the higher-resolution digital dell vostro 1510バッテリー photos by special technology.For example:Fuji SuperCCD,and Epson HyPic technology.What's the relationship between pixels and the resolution?And how to interpret these two figures when you purchase?

The higher the image resolution,more pixels needed.For example:the picture resolution of 640 × 480 takes about 31 million pixels,2084 × 1536 image,you need up to 3.14 million pixels.Resolution can have multiple values,the camera toshiba pa3450u 1brs offers more resolution,the flexibility of shooting and save the image are higher.

Image resolution is related to the output size and magnification imaging.The higher the resolution,the image sizes are larger,and the magnification is higher.The total number of pixels is the total number of pixels with CCD.However,due to CCD edge of the exposure to light,lenovo 3000 n100 バッテリー is part of the shooting do not have access.From the total number of pixels subtracted this part of the pixels is the effective number of pixels.So read the manual,remember to pay attention to the actual shooting for the effective number of pixels,rather than the total number of pixels.

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The Night - Wind by Emily Bronte

25/04/2011 16:25

 In summer's mellow midnight,

A cloudless moon shone through
open toshiba pa3399u 2brs,
And rose-trees wet with dew

I sat in silent musing;
The soft wind waved my hair;
It told me heaven was glorious,
And sleeping earth was fair 

I needed not its breathing
To bring such thoughts to me;
But still it whispered lowly,
'How dark the woods would be 

'The thick leaves in my murmur
Are rustling like a dream,
And all toshiba pa3450u 1brs
Instinct with spirit seem

I said, 'Go, gentle singer,
Thy wooing voice is kind:
But do not think its music
Has power to reach my mind 

'Play with the scented flower,
The young tree's supply bough,
And leave my human feelings
In their own course to flow

The wanderer would not heed me:
Its kiss grew warmer still:
'Oh Come!' it sighed so sweetly;
'I'll win thee 'gainst thy will

'Were we not friends from childhood?
Have I not loved thee long?
As long as thou,toshiba pa3420u 1brs
Whose silence wakes my song 

'And when thy heart is resting
Beneath the church-aisle stone,
I shall have time for mourning,
And thou for being alone

Performance of Lenovo sun C466M-MX

23/04/2011 10:45


Rising Sun C466M-MX toshiba pa3420u 1brs(Disney Disney)Disney version use of Mickey Mouse theme.It's a round head,round ears are well known around the world,a symbol of happiness and confidence.It will join the most popular Mickey Mouse,will delight in the use of the computer all the time penetration,leaving you more confident in the envy of everyone.

Lenovo sun C466M-MX lenovo 3000 v100バッテリー use smart BOX design,either opened or closed,the entire product line can be the perfect convergence of the product look seamless.Sunken rectangular shaft,so that the screen in the open lower screen height,so that the screen surface smooth operation of the visual plane and convergence.4 USB2.0 interface and Express Card interface,such as distributed on both sides,convenient and practical.

Full 64-bit mobile technology platform,with several new technologies to enhance the system performance.With a faster I / O control,hard drive to exchange data with speeds up to 3Gbps.thinkpad t60バッテリー is equipped with next-generation Merom 64-bit dual core processor.By high-speed bus,dynamic bus frequency switching,the depth of sleep,single-core dynamic acceleration,the four new technologies make the same case,power consumption,higher performance.

Lenovo's high touch keyboard with a high-touch keyboard technology patents.In terms of the quality of the keyboard,or touch the keyboard entirely comparable to the most high-end notebook dell inspiron 6400バッテリーkeyboard.Rising Sun in terms of new keyboard layout,Cap shape,touch on all the key way to update a humane,not only faster entry,enter the correct rate,it enables the input is more comfortable.

Lenovo's one key recovery,Norton anti-virus, with "one key recovery",can restore the system to factory state,replacing the user's worries.Norton 2007 antivirus software HP compaq 6510bバッテリーwith real-time monitoring and protection system and effectively reduce viruses.30,000 hours without failure protection,strict test,the average time to failure (MTBF):up to 30,000 hours,leading to most notebooks.

It has free wireless network (IGRS IGRS),equipped with the latest IGRS (IGRS) 3.5,provides more flexible way for wireless applications.Whether or not the wireless network environment,you can play games and transfer files with a flexible network and other Lenovo notebooks toshiba pa3399u 2brs,but also through the intelligent features to their computer projection screen projection to multiple Lenovo notebook up.

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