3G Business Tablet PC KUPA cool running

22/04/2011 11:01

3G era,the most talked about is the 3G phone. But cool since September 2010 launched its first 3G run business since the Tablet PC hp pavilion dv7バッテリー.This notebook in the form of both the performance of both the wireless mobile communication on the Internet products,so that business people from the traditional way of wired and wireless local access bound,so that the face of business people work more relax.

It gives people not only bring technology and products change in appearance,more of a business concept innovation.A real need for a computer must be equipped with the Microsoft operating system Windows7,KUPA cool Tablet PC lenovo 3000 v100バッテリー running 3G business is such a product.Otherwise I mention is the computer.If you are still using outdated computer system,Windows XP,may wish to try the next Microsoft operating system windows7.

Windows7 Microsoft operating system,new touch UI experience and style will give you the same kind of brand new feeling.After 3 years of Microsoft's 10,000 engineers,IBM thinkpad t61バッテリー and testing,testers were more than 10,000,00 test,called the most beautiful interface is Microsoft's system.Ease of use,fast to use,people who have used computers used Windows7,compatibility,you can basically all Windows software.

KUPA cool Tablet PC running X8 frequency with Intel N455 1.66GHZ,DDR3 2GB memory,320GB hard drive,Intel integrated graphics and the resolution of 1024 x 600 10.1-inch display.Interfaces,KUPA cool running X8 Tablet PC compaq presario cq60バッテリー equipped with two USB port, a VGA port, 1 RJ45 network cable port, 1 audio output / microphone input port and SD / MMC and so on. Built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR module can add wireless Bluetooth devices, more TD-CDMA feature allows you brand new experience!

KUPA cool advantage of running the built 3G mobile Internet access module,320G hard drive,Microsoft Genuine Windows7 Ultimate operating system, DDR2 2GB RAM,130 million camera product in the German people to do things,quality and services may be better than domestic.And HP compaq nx6110バッテリー Window7 operating systems support a variety of software,regardless of management,office,financial management can be easy to get,is the highest system software compatibility.

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The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

21/04/2011 08:53

It is an ancient Mariner,
And he stoppeth one of three.
'By thy long grey beard and glittering eye,
Now wherefore stopp'st thou me.

The bridegroom's doors are opened wide,
And next of compaq presario cq40バッテリー.
The guests are met, the feast is set:
Mayst hear the merry din.

He holds him with his skinny hand,
"There was a ship," quoth he.
'Hold off! unhand me, grey-beard loon.
Eftsoons his hand dropped he.

He holds him with his glittering eye
The Wedding-Guest stood still,
And listens like a three years' child:
The Mariner hath his will.

The Wedding-Guest sat on a stone:
He cannot choose HP compaq nx6120バッテリー
And thus spake on that ancient man,
The bright-eyed Mariner.

"The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared,
Merrily did we drop
Below the kirk, below the hill,
Below the lighthouse top.

The sun came up upon the left,
Out of the sea came he!
And he shone bright, and on the right
Went down into the sea.

Higher and higher every day,
Till over the toshiba pa3450u 1brs
The Wedding-Guest here beat his breast,
For he heard the loud bassoon.

The bride hath paced into the hall,
Red as a rose is she;
Nodding their heads before her goes

The merry minstrelsy. 

The main advantage of Tablet PC

20/04/2011 09:17


In appearance,Tablet PC thinkpad t60バッテリー with distinctive features.Some like a separate LCD screen,but should be thicker than the average number of screens,hard drives configured in the above and other necessary hardware.Some similar look and notebook computers,but it can optionally display rotation.Portable mobile,it is the same size as the laptop small and light,you can always transfer its use place,with a mobile than desktop flexibility.

Unique Table PC IBM thinkpad t400バッテリー Windows XP operating system,not only has the general function of Windows XP,XP-compatible regular applications can run on the tablet PC,increase the handwriting input,extended XP's features.Extended way using PC using the dedicated "T" on the computer operation,it is as simple as the use of pen and paper.Also supports keyboard and mouse,the same as normal computer operation.

Digital notes,leading the number of tablet PCs as PDA,handheld computers sony vgp bpl13バッテリー,as do ordinary laptop,laptop at any time,create your own text,graphics and pictures.At the same time integrated electronic "ink" in the core Office XP applications to use ink in Office documents retained their own handwriting.

Personal use,the use of Tablet PC and pen settings control,can customize the personality of the Tablet PC toshiba pa3536u 1brs operating,calibrating your pen,set the left or right hand operation,set the Table Pc button to complete specific tasks,such as opening applications or from the horizontal screen Go to the longitudinal orientation of the screen.

Facilitate the deployment and management,Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows XP Professional includes the advanced deployment and strategy in the characteristics of business environment greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Tablet PC HP compaq 6510bバッテリー.Global business solutions to support multi-national language.Windows XP Tablet PC Edition already have English,German,French,Japanese,Chinese(Simplified and Traditional)and Korean localized versions,and soon there will be more localized versions come out.

The highest level of protection of critical data,Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows XP Professional provides all the security features, including encryption file system,access control.Tablet PC also offers a special CTRL + ALT + DEL button and the security of user login.The biggest characteristic of Tablet PC compaq presario cq45バッテリー is digital ink and handwriting recognition input,and a powerful pen recognition,speech recognition,gesture recognition, and has mobility.

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Knowledge of Tablet PC

18/04/2011 16:30

 Knowledge of Tablet PC

Tablet PC is a new member of the PC family,its appearance is similar to the laptop dell inspiron 6400バッテリー.But it is not a simple laptop,it can be called a condensed version of the laptop.Its appearance between the laptop and Pocket PC,but its capacity is greater than Pocket PC.Compared to laptop,it has all the features of laptop,it also supports handwriting input and voice input,mobility and portability are better.

Tablet PC is a small,portable personal computer ThinkPad x61 バッテリー,with touch screen as the primary input device.Tablet PC has two sizes,one for the special tablet,external keyboard,screen and so on,working as a general PC use.Another way for the laptop tablet notebook can be as general opening and closing.

Tablet PC HP compaq nc6400バッテリー with touch screen(also known as tablet technology)allows users to a stylus or digital pen to operate rather than the traditional keyboard or mouse.Users can built-in handwriting recognition,soft keyboard on the screen,voice recognition or a real keyboard(if the aircraft is equipped with it).Tablet PC also has AlphaTap and Shark shorthand such software,these software allows users typing speed of the stylus to enter text.

Most Tablet PCs use Wacom tablet,the tablet pen can quickly get to the location then tell the computer.Tablet PC compaq presario cq50バッテリー which use this tablet screen surface will in a weak magnetic field,the magnetic field inside the stylus can only play a role in the device.So users can safely put your hand on the screen because only the stylus will only affect the screen.

Tablet PC is the representative of the next generation mobile business PC.From the concept of product point view of Microsoft's Tablet PC,tablet PC HP compaq nx6110バッテリー is a no need to flip,no keyboard,small enough to put Ms. handbags,but a full-featured PC.Than the laptop, except it has all of its functions, also supports handwriting input or voice input,mobility and portability are better.

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Knowledge of Samsung S5230C

15/04/2011 14:43

 Knowledge of Samsung S5230C

On shape,the Samsung S5230C lenovo 3000 n200バッテリー with straight wide touch screen style,11.9mm ultra-slim body.The fuselage is very beautiful,the whole volume of mobile measurements is only 104 × 53 × 11.8mm,weighing about 98.2 grams.The screen equipped with a 3.0-inch TFT 240 × 320 pixel texture resolution,showing the evaluation results,support for touch technology.So it is simple and convenient to operate.

Screen display area,S5230 hp pavilion dv3バッテリー has a large 3.0-inch touch screen.It is not only more convenient for us to operate,but also increase the visual impact,and expand our visual effects.The integrated body design of screen making it seems very small and delicate.26 million color TFT screen,resolution of the WQGVA (240 × 400 pixels) level,the effective pigment reached 26 million,making the performance of the machine precision color and sharp,showing satisfactory results.

In the photo,the phone built a 3.2 million pixel camera.But it does not support auto focus and flash functions,users can still meet the needs of the daily photographs.And HP compaq 6710bバッテリー has a wealth of camera models to choose from,allowing users to experience the unlimited fun to take pictures.About music,the built-in MP3 player supports mainstream music format playback,as well as mainstream video file playback,fully meet the needs of the user's audio and video entertainment.

It has built a software called Shazam,Shazam has to find a song music service can obtain the name and other information.This is similar to Sony HP compaq nx6325バッテリー Ericsson's TrackID feature,for the music lovers,it is really a good choice.It also supports various video formats and sound field DNSe.With "music recognition" function,as it use Shazam Find Music service.

At last,the aircraft fuselage built in 85MB memory and expandable up to 8GB microSD slot,can enjoy a variety of multimedia players.And it has smart unlocking feature,characters can be set to quickly unlock the corresponding application or enter.When the phone toshiba pa3399u 1brs screen is locked,only need to write on the screen the character set,you can enter the corresponding operation.

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World's most expensive mobile phone

14/04/2011 15:28

 World's most expensive mobile phone

If there is a cell phone dell xps m1330バッテリー may seem as heavy as bricks,not have the color,only have 16 chords,and can not take pictures.Then how much you are willing to spend money to buy?Maybe you will not want to think about it.However,if the mobile phone printed Vertu words,then the price of this phone will be as high as $ 32,000,the most expensive asking price will be a two hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

Vertu is an independent company of a subsidiary of wireless communications giant Nokia.This brand of mobile phones lenovo n100 3000バッテリー built by hand,although it is expensive,and limited functionality,but the glamorous style is popular,has become the identity of the characterization in Asia.Entrepreneurs,celebrities,professionals and aristocratic ladies,almost everyone has one.

A VERTU phone HP compaq nx6120バッテリー,which price more than ten million,certainly it will not be careless in the production process of course.Machine surface display is manufacturing high hardness of sapphire crystal.The internal structure mainly use titanium materials,hardness is four times higher than steel,but the weight is only a half.Every point of contact under the stars buttons are made in spend ruby,apart from special status was extraordinary,also have high durability.

General button can withstand thousands of compression,but this phone HP compaq 6710bバッテリー has managed to push through millions of business as usual,it is really rare.And the whole machine inside and outside the chip to the button are manually mounted,the distinguished level of mass production of mobile phones generally not be compared.Finally,in case together with precious metals such as gold and platinum for the modified,full of super-rich flavor.

Vertu phone HP compaq nx6325バッテリー launched in Asia sevaral years ago,it is popular by the Chinese mainland,Hong Kong,Indonesia and Singapore.Vertu declined to give sales figures,but a senior executive said that sales doubled every 6 months.This phone is a luxury,function is normally.Only the design and the materials used is something extravagant.

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Panasonic colorful camera

12/04/2011 12:22

 Panasonic colorful camera

Panasonic camera XPS M1330 バッテリー with dazzling and colorful,has attracted the attention of young people.Panasonic recently launched a new family with the machine - Matsushita FP1 (data offer pictures Forum).Thin and stylish form factor,super cheap prices and good shooting performance to Matsushita FP1 are affirmed by the user.

At the same time,Matsushita FP1 VGP-BPL2C also an imaging capability with 12.1 million pixels,with 4x optical zoom image stabilization lens,support 720P HD video recording,support PAL / NTSC video output,the camera uses a metal body design.But also makes the appearance of the slide the camera more stylish,simple atmosphere.

Matsushita FP1 IBM thinkpad z60mバッテリー used 1/2.33 inch CCD as a sensor,12.1 million effective pixels.Lens,the wide-angle before this model in addition to the cancellation,reduction in maximum aperture value,the optical zoom is also the predecessor of the 4.6 optical zoom,4x optical zoom into the present, the equivalent focal length of 35 - 140mm.Although the zoom has decreased,but with a 4 times optical zoom lens that is more mature technology, coupled with the phone also supports optical image stabilization,provides a good optical performance.

Matsushita FP1 AF also uses a new high-speed AF system,and ThinkPad x40 バッテリー focus was 0.25 seconds on average,high sensitivity mode,up to ISO6400.In addition,the products also continue to adopt a 1280x720 pixels 30fps HD video recording capabilities.Start the fastest requires only 0.97 seconds, shutter lag of 0.007 seconds.Supports SD / SDHC card,using a dedicated lithium battery-powered,full of power can take 380 pictures once.

Matsushita FP1 body measurements for size 98.6 × 58.9 × 18.6mm,is worthy of ultra-thin DC,is currently the Lumix series,the most frivolous a model.Continuation of the screen is still before the 2.7-inch,230,000 pixel mainstream configurations.Matsushita FP1 Toshiba pa3421u 1brs fashion exquisite workmanship,ultra-thin portable.It features easy to use,support 720P HD capture,and powerful optical image stabilization feature,configure the camera in the home more mainstream,but also with ultra-fast startup and a range of other advantages.

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The North Wind by Anne Bronte

11/04/2011 10:15

 That wind is from the North, I know it well;

No other breeze could have so wild a swell.
Now deep and loud it thunders round my cell,
The faintly dies 40y6799,
And softly sighs,
And moans and murmurs mournfully.
I know its language; thus is speaks to me --
'I have passed over thy own mountains dear,
Thy northern mountains -- and they still are free,
Still lonely, wild, majestic, bleak and drear,
And stern and lovely, as they used to be 
When thou, a young enthusiast,
As wild and free as they,
O'er rocks and glens and snowy heights
Didst often love to stray.

I've blown the wild untrodden snows
In whirling eddies from their brows,
And I have howled in caverns wild
Where thou, a joyous mountain child,
Didst dearly love to be vgp-bps5.
The sweet world is not changed, but thou
Art pining in a dungeon now,
Where thou must ever be;
No voice but mine can reach thine ear,
And Heaven has kindly sent me here,
To mourn and sigh with thee,
And tell thee of the cherished land
Of thy nativity.'

Blow on, wild wind, thy solemn voice,
However sad and drear,
Is nothing to the gloomy silence
I have had to bear.

Hot tears are streaming from my eyes,
But these are better far VGP-BPL2C
Than that dull gnawing tearless [time]
The stupor of despair.

Confined and hopeless as I am,
O speak of liberty,
O tell me of my mountain home,
And I will welcome thee.

Knowledge of Apple ipad

09/04/2011 10:04


As the year's most compelling products,both adults and children want to have a ipad MacBook Pro 15 バッテリー.It ranged between laptop and handheld computers,but its capacity is larger than handheld computers, but also in the original function, but also handwriting or speech input, mobility and portability are better.Apple ipad since after the introduction of a wave of enthusiasm.

Apple iPad hp pavilion dv7 バッテリー has 242.8 × 189.7 × 13.4mm body measurements,not for huge volume of single-handed control,but the slim design is no problem holding hands.Machine equipped with 9.7-inch large IPS screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels XGA level,and support for Apple's proud multi-touch,touch experience has been unable to express in words,we can look at the related videos on the network.

No matter from which angle you look,iPad is a large almost the ipad vostro 1510 バッテリー,the user interface is entirely a modified version of iphone and ipod.Hardware,Apple won the ARM-CPU (Cortex) and GPU (Mali) authorized the development of a 1GHz processor frequency A4 apple,cpu and gpu it integrates the two functions,with 3D graphics rendering capabilities,to play games,watching video can be the perfect win

On interface,Apple iPad hp 510バッテリー extension cable can be extended all Dock.There are Dock-to-USB,Dock-to-SD card reader cable,used to support the iPad Dock used as the base of traditional notebook,but also use the Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard. Video output can be used Dock-to-VGA output 1024x768 video cable (external screen or projector),and using Apple synthetic A / V cable output 576p video signal (for TV)

Although in appearance the design of Apple's innovative iPad Lenovo thinkpad t61バッテリー is not very full,but its presence has filled the gap between the MacBook and the iPhone,it can act out Web browser,video player,game console,PDA office tools,on home has become a digital photo frame,through the iTunes store, hundreds of thousands of applications can make ipad heavily armed,high playability.

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Music Pad,do you know?

08/04/2011 15:12

 Music Pad,do you know

Now speaking of Tablet Macbook pro 13 バッテリー,many people think iPad.Lenovo can now officially launched its Tablet PC product iPad music destabilize Pad.Music Pad with 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen,equipped with a new optimization-based Lenovo Android operating system,which LeOS2.0. Processors use 1.3GHz Qualcoom Snapdragon,body configuration 1GB of memory,and 16GB or 32GB storage space.

In design,the music Pad dell vostro 1000バッテリー equipped with 200W pixel camera,located in the fuselage at the top,and bottom of the fuselage there is no camera.In addition there is a similar to the iPad the home key,in its design are two sides of breathing light,when the operation of the home button will light;body on the back of the mix of metal and plastic design.But the appearance of and the actual feel of it,overall I feel pretty good.Lenovo's LOGO on the back of the design only,no other elements.

Music Pad hp pavilion dv6000 バッテリー section on the bottom plate provides a data connection port,you can charge for data transmission and computer links used to connect the base part,in addition to the left of the data interface provides a standard headphone jack;the respective switch in the fuselage on the left camera key,volume adjustment button and the screen lock key and so on.

In hardware configuration,these units get Sina digital music selection Pad dell latitude d630バッテリー processor 1.3GHz Qualcoom Snapdragon,1GB memory configuration,and the 16GB or 32GB storage space.10.1-inch capacitive touch screen,1GB memory,storage capacity of 32GB,according to foreign media reports,there are 16GB low-Lok Pad with version.

Music Pad vostro 1520 バッテリー with base equipped with the new optimization of the Android-based Lenovo and Windows operating systems equipped with dual system,but the flat part and base part,respectively,using independent hardware configuration and operating system.When the flat part of the embedded base will automatically switch to the Windows system,this time only to do some flat-panel monitor.

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