A Tablet PC which with A9 core

09/09/2011 11:26


Since the iPad is launched,the Tablet PC IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーis beginning to flourish.However,if only iPad products and too monotonous,it can not meet the individual needs of some users.Furthermore,some users have limited income,they can not come up with a few thousand dollars to buy such a good one also did not want to use exactly what the toys.In order to meet the needs of these people,Newman has launched a variety of flat products.

Newman Newpad P7 Tablet PC hp pavilion dv4バッテリーwith 512MB memory,supports MP3,WMA,WAV,APE,FLAC,AAC,and OGG format.It also supports AVI,WMV,MP4,MKV,RM,RMVB,FLV,and MOV video formats,supports 1080P HD video.Newman Newpad P7 Tablet PC also supports FLASH 10.1,and supports for multiple languages.The Newpad P7 Tablet PC has 7-inch 16:9 flat with full resistive touch screen,and smart Android2.2 open smartphone operating system.

This Newman Newpad P7 Tablet PC IBM 92p1101supports over two hundred thousand kinds of software,and ARM Cortex A9 core,mail400 2D/3D graphics processor with a 16G memory card.Newpad P7 Tablet PC looks simple,it's front and back glass texture of the material,the border around the use of frosted plastic.Its moderate weight control,playing in his hand for a long time and will not feel tired.

Newpad P7 Tablet PC hp compaq 6710bバッテリーwith a 7-inch screen resistive screen,its resolution is 800 × 480,a more sensitive response to the basic no delay,but the actual use would be misuse of the situation.It's the screen material is made of mirror polished technique,but also to increase the appearance and it is easy to let the fingerprints left on the screen.Its screen is more vivid color reproduction,detail changes visible.

Remove the data cable and charger these standard accessories,Newman apple a1175also comes with a one time view on the world's VIP card.Through the online registration card,we can read within a month to download any online bookstore in the world view of any one electronic magazine.With Pad products are increasingly being used when the reader,so this comes with the monthly card seems very sincere.

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The MSI GT780 game notebook

07/09/2011 11:07


MSI GT series notebooks dell inspiron 9400バッテリーare almost always hit the top high-end gaming notebook hardware configuration,and start from the MSI GT 660 by adding a stereo speaker manufacturers Dynaudio,so the sound is more appealing.MSI's new flagship GT 780 games notebook,these inherited characteristics,but also has a large 17.3-inch Full HD screen,the new Intel quad core i7-2630QM processor,and NVIDIA's top single significant.

The MSI GT 780 notebook dell inspiron 710mバッテリーis also joined with the production company SteelSeries gaming accessories designed in collaboration keyboard,from the inside out for the game for us.MSI GT 780 notebook's hardware specifications can certainly be called "flagship notebook".It addition to has Full HD big screen,it also built-in Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processor,8GB DDR3 memory(up to 16GB),and independent with 1.5GB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M.

At present,although the GT 780 notebookdell inspiron 1520バッテリー using only a 750GB,7200 rpm hard drive,but the GT 780 notebook supports dual drive design,the series also supports RAID 0,disk much room for improvement.GT780 notebook also has other excellent features,such as being able to see the Blu-ray high-definition video,as well as two USB 3.0 high speed interface.And with the battery dell inspiron 630mバッテリーand it weighs about 3.8 kg,its body size is 428 x 288 x 55 mm.

MSI GT 780 notebook and GT 660 notebook's appearance is very similar,both all-black body paint and body are distinct tangent corner design,looks a bit like a shield shape.But GT 780 notebook is not the same place that using aluminum-magnesium alloy build shelters,MSI laptops over the past few used metal material almost all of plastic material based).Although the dell inspiron 1545バッテリーvisual effect is not so fancy glossy paint,but it does make the whole machine seems more texture.

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The fashional Asus U46 notebook

05/09/2011 12:07


When people buy a notebook,look pleasing to the eye and hardware configuration meets requirements of these two priorities are very important.Recently,13,14,15 inch and other dimensions of the mainstream notebookdell xps m1530バッテリー,in fact,differences in hardware configuration and will not be too poor,so the laptop which has a better appearance is more attractive.ASUS is also aware of the situation,so a while back before the launch of "Jay" design as a selling point N43SL special edition.

Then Asus introduced a special shaft design of metal main fashion notebook:Asus U46SV.14-inch ASUS U46SV notebook uses aluminum-body,it has a special champagne color,matte screen frame,chocolate buttons and other features.At the same time it also has a special shaft design,visual effects and previous 14-inch Asus laptop dell latitude d420バッテリーis really not the same.In addition,although U46SV notebook main exterior design,but it's hardware specifications also very powerful.

Asus U46 notebook using Intel Core i5-2410M processor,4GB DDR3 RAM,7200 rpm high-speed 750GB hard drive,USB 3.0 high speed interface,HDMI output,DVD drive and other equipments.Graphics part,Asus U46SV notebook dell vostro 1310バッテリーaddition to has high-quality NVIDIA GeForce GT540M graphics card (1GB graphics card),but also has Intel HD3000 graphics core can be used(by NVIDIA OPTIMUS automatically switch),its processor and graphics configuration parameters are good.

Asus notebook with the aluminum to build,although not new,but the same as the Asus U46SV notebook champagne gold color of the aircraft used on the rare.U46SV notebook dell inspiron 1501バッテリーemitting a metallic champagne gold looks really good look,a touch of gold luster series is men and women will like the neutral color,it seems there was a Japanese low-key fashion sense.In addition, U46SV notebook's cover is not a common effect of treatment of hair pattern.

Asus U46 notebook's cover is covered with a circle of concentric engravings.The concentric design of the fuselage and interior also has this design.In addition to the unique champagne color body outside,U46SV notebook's exterior design is also a selling point.U46SV notebook's dell latitude d620バッテリーthe shaft design is similar to Dell XPS 15z notebook,general design of the notebook shaft end of the body,but U46SV notebook is not,it set in a place closer to the keyboard.

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About Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook

03/09/2011 12:06


On the back of Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーis a black plastic material,the battery in the rear,a long strip of cells uses double buckle design.Two open back design of the cover,the following main components of the large memory and heat sink,following the small cover is the hardware.And there are a number of cooling holes on the back of the design to ensure good heat resistance for Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook.

Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook with the battery weighs 2.28kg,for a 14-inch laptopshp pavilion dv4バッテリー,this weight is fairly good.Haier 7G-2 notebook's interface located in the fuselage,where the fuselage on the left are the power cord jack,RJ-45 cable interface,cooling ports,VGA port,HDMI port and two USB2.0 interface.The right side of the interface are card reader,USB2.0,headphone jack,microphone input,pop-up drive,and security keyhole.

Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook as a video game laptopIBM 92p1101,its configuration is very balanced.It's CPU is Intel's latest Core i5-2410M,which is clocked at 2.3GHz,Core frequency up to speed after 3.0GHz.The processor core 4 thread 2,thermal design power of 35W,with 3M's high-speed three-level cache.Reached its configured memory 4GB,hard drive to 500GB,5400 rpm.About graphics,Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook with two graphics technology.

Haier Jane 7G-2 notebook's graphics card using AMD Readon HD6730M,with 2GB memory,400 stream processors,are high-end mobile series graphics cards.Haier Jane 7G-2 laptopapple a1175,as a notebook located in the high-performance gaming entertainment products,it has beautiful design,especially the use of colored shell,it is consistent with the young users of youth, vitality image positioning.

From the hardware configuration point of view,Jane 7G-2 notebook with also do a balanced mix of performance and price.It uses Intel's latest i5-2410M discrete graphics processors with ATI HD6730M,all mainstream games can be very smooth running.Its hp compaq 6710bバッテリーI5 processor generation,fully meet the needs of everyday use.For ordinary users,there is no need to pursue more high-end i7 processor.4GB memory and 500GB hard drive also meet with the general case of data exchange and storage needs.

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A notebook with High-performance

31/08/2011 11:02


Haier Jane 7G-2 is a high-performance gaming entertainment notebook.Jane Eyre 7G as the second generation product,it's the hardware configuration of a full replacement.The majority of users call Haier Jane 7G dell 1k500バッテリーfor 7 brother.And with the 7D series which is emphasis on business video,together constitute the two brothers,Haier Computer,7 Columbia,7 brother.Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop,the color is very beautiful,with orange and champagne gold for us to choose from.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop computers equipped with Intel i5-2410M CPU,4GB DDR3 RAM,500GB hard drive,5400rpm,ATI HD6730M graphics card,and 2GB of memory.Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop's dell inspiron 710mバッテリーcolors are more elegant.It's A shell with bright orange-red or champagne gold,it is very stylish,dynamic.The middle is the big one silver "7G" logo,with a bright orange,it is very eye-catching.If you look at its A shell surface closely,dotted with small patterns,full of artistic sense.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop dell inspiron 1525バッテリーthe B-side of the screen frame with black piano paint materials,appeared calm,with texture.C sub-island surface black with silver keyboard wrist rest,clear color layering.The middle of the upper border is 1.3 million pixel camera,frame the upper left corner of "i-CLEAR SCREEN" screen marked with Haier runyan exclusive display technology.Border the lower right corner of the "SRS" mark indicates which products have the SRS surround sound.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop's dell studio 1558バッテリーkeyboard surface is silver color with a black keyboard keycap,silver panel with the same small patterns as A little shell patterns.Sub-island chocolate keystrokes when the general feeling,the key process soft percussion when there will be a slight shaking.Minor under the touchpad embedded in the panel,mounted above the dot Suixiao depression,increase the resistance to sliding a finger.

Haier Jane 7G-2 laptop's touchpad buttons with one type of panel,crisp sound when pressed,the general comfort,a little stiff feeling.Its upper left corner of the keyboard is a row of function control buttons,on the black background of the dell inspiron 640mバッテリーthree buttons are the power button and two function control keys.On the left wrist rest edge,designed four blue lights,respectively,to indicate power,wireless networking,data exchange and battery power.

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New i7 Great Wall T46 notebook

29/08/2011 15:27


Great Wall T46 notebook is a business office laptopdell latitude d620バッテリー,but also a video game notebooks.It looks mainly black color,in order to calm the atmosphere to the user's visual experience.It's A-side with a combination of drawing techniques and high-gloss design,two different visual styles perfect combination of smooth and rich texture.In addition to LOGO,the A-side of Great Wall T46 notebook without any extra modification,elegant fashion of the gas.

The Great Wall T46 notebook's corners are designed with a smooth transition.The whole line is smooth,the interface layout is reasonable,clever visual sense even demonstrated a new concept of mobile notebook dell studio xps 13バッテリーstyle,the whole rock-black same applies exudes timeless charm.In configuration,the Great Wall T46 laptop with 14-inch display,and with a resolution of 1366 * 768.Its the CPU using the latest Intel Core i7-2630QM.

Great Wall T46 notebook's dell xps m1210バッテリーquad-core CPU is eight threads,frequency 2.0GHz,Core frequency up to speed after the frequency 3.0GHz.It also comes standard with 2GB memory,320GB hard drive.About graphics,it uses NVIDIA GeForce GT520M graphics card,which memory is 1GB.Which graphics card compared to the mainstream GT540M,performance is decreased,but both the entertainment business as a product to use this card after all,a reasonable match.

Great Wall T46 notebook dell latitude e5510バッテリーwith a black color,looks calm restrained,low-key atmosphere.A surface shell with high light material,black piano paint looks fine,elegant.Strip in the black panel in the looming appearance of fine lines,enhance the grade more sense.It also uses 14-inch 16:9 LED screen,sunken screen hinge design makes the Great Wall T46 notebook's body looks short a lot.All black color,has business atmosphere.

It's chocolate keyboard key area is ​​greater,and input feel better.One piece touchpad design,decorated with silver-plated trim,more ornamental sense.Great Wall T46 notebook dell latitude d630バッテリーof the bottom shell part is a black plastic material,the outlet design on the left,the battery in the fuselage rear,designed to separate cover,cooling fan can win the cover of dust and memory upgrades,hard drive,let it more convenient.

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About MSI WindPad 110W

26/08/2011 17:42


At present,although the Apple iPad 1/2 and a variety of Android plate is still very popular.But for users who often need to edit Microsoft Office documents,a flat panel using the Windows operating system should be a better choice.MSI WindPad 110W tablet PC dell inspiron 1525バッテリーis a 10-inch flat panel which using the Windows 7 operating system.It comes loaded with Office 2010 Starter,while using AMD Brazos platform,and built-in AMD dual-core processor.

MSI WindPad 110W tablet PC also builts in AMD graphics chips,G-Sensor hard sense of gravity and the SSD solid state hard drives and other devices.And it's screen also uses IPS panel (and Apple use the same panel).MSI WindPad 110W dell latitude d820バッテリーwith 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 resolution panel of the IPS screen,of course,it also supports multi-touch.110W tablet PC's body with a metal frame,the rear also has a hair pattern processing,texture actually looks pretty good.

In addition,110W tablet PC's body weight of 850g,thickness is 15.5 mm.These data and other 10-inch offset compared to the Android was not pretty,although fairly easy to bring it on,but it will still take a bit long tiring.WindPad 110W tablet PC dell w953gバッテリーuses Next-Generation AMD Brazos platform Z-01 dual-core processor (1GHz).Z-01 is AMD's first tablet PC designed for the processor,which uses 40nm core process,power consumption of 5.9W,while the Radeon HD 6250 integrated graphics chip,providing better display performance.

While this low-voltage processor and MSI's ECO Engine technology and 4200mAh battery,make WindPad 110W tablet PC's life of 6 hours.It is currently used in Windows-based tabletdell studio 1558バッテリー,the longest endurance aircraft.As for other specifications,WindPad 110W tablet PC with 2GB of DDR3 memory,with 32/64 GB SSD,before and after each set of 1.3-megapixel camera.110W tablet PC also builts a set of USB 2.0, mini HDMI,and SD card reader.

Operational aspects,WindPad 110W tablet PC's system response is very smooth,I believe mainly because of the new AMD dual-core processor. 110W body with a Smart Tracker (optical mouse cursor can be controlled) and four thermal shortcuts,you can quickly choose the desktop,leave,Windows key and the CTRL+ALT+DEL and so on,on the whole fairly easy to use.But WindPad 110W tablet PC's dell xps m1330バッテリーthe accuracy of touch or less than the Android or iPad tablet,click the action is relatively easy to errors.

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Love me

25/08/2011 11:38

  My friends say I’m a fool to think

That you’re the one for me
I guess I’m just a sucker for love
‘Cuz honestly the truth is that
You know I’m never leavin’
‘Cuz you’re my angel sent from above
Baby you can do no wrong
My money is yours
Give you little more because I love ya, love ya
With me, girl, is where you belong
Just stay right heredell inspiron 1150バッテリー
I promise my dear I’ll put nothin above ya. above ya
Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me, Kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you (love me)
Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me, Kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me u love me
People try to tell me
But I still refuse to listen
Cuz they don’t get to spend time with you
A minute with you is worth more than
A thousand days without your love, oh your love

14-inch Asus K43TA notebook

23/08/2011 14:58


June 2011,for the mobile notebook dell latitude d630バッテリーmarket,AMD introduced a new generation of strong internal code Llano speed processors.AMD A series APU product contains A8/A6/A4 three series,using 32nm process technology,the number of quad core processors and dual-core,they all support DX11.AMD Llano APU A8/A6/A4 processor biggest thing: top-visual experience,heterogeneous supercomputing capabilities and dual-graphics acceleration technology.

Therefore,it provides speed work experience and immersive viewing experience for the consumers and users.Asus K43TA notebook dell inspiron 1300バッテリーequiped with AMD quad-core A6-3400M APU,with 4GB of memory (ASUS K43TA notebook equipped with a 2G memory,to fully reflect the APU,heterogeneous computing capability and dual graphics performance,in particular,an increase of a 2G memory),and 320GB Western Digital hard drive.In addition to the APU's integration of a single AMD Radeon HD6520G.

ASUS K43TA notebook also equipped with a Radeon HD6650M graphics card,and preloaded with Windows 7 64bit Ultimate operating system.Asus K43TA notebookdell inspiron 640mバッテリーuses Western Digital 320GB hard drive,from the market point of view,320GB hard drive is no longer the mainstream,and Western Digital hard disk's read and write performance are good.So ASUS K43TA notebook equiped with Western Digital 320GB hard drive which to read and write speeds are more stable.And it is suitable for ordinary consumers.

Asus K43TA notebook carrying 5200mAh,and 56Wh six-cell battery.After BatteryMon tested,in everyday use state,K43TA notebook can be life for 5 hours.For most consumers,this ASUS K43TA notebook dell inspiron 1545バッテリーwhich with AMD quad-core A6-3400m APU is a good choice for office life.ASUS K43TA notebook has a great temptation for family of students and young consumers.First,the new quad-core powered by AMD Llano A6-3400m APU,so its performance has been improved several times.

Second,its APU internal integration AMD Radeon HD6520G graphics core,and the other equipped with a Radeon HD6650M graphics card,1.5GB maximum shared memory,video and games all have realistic expression.Third,the ASUS dell c1295バッテリーunique IceCool cooling technology,with AMD APU's good thermal properties for hot weather,it has brought bursts of cool.Fourth,install a memory upgrade,after a total of 4GB of dual channel memory,to a large extent the whole body to enhance the speed.This are all the advantages of Asus K43TA notebook.

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About Sony VAIO F219 notebook

20/08/2011 15:31


Sony VAIO F219 notebook's screen hinge axis with a new design of the hidden,open the rear cover and the body is seamless,looks at one go.Sony VAIO F219 notebook hstnn-q21cuses hidden axis design,the maximum opening angle of the display can reach 145°.Its screen shaft damping is large,opening and closing the screen without feeling the kind of loose,open operation requires two hands,one hand push up the cover with the bottom will follow.

Chrome front middle of the VAIO logo inlaid in black piano paint the middle of the shell material,it is very conspicuous.Also look great texture,along with the top of the SONY logo which indicates the product's life experience.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's hstnn-ib51keyboard with sub-island chocolate keyboard,and with a keypad.Key's key-way is shorter,the intensity of very strong feedback,force feedback when pressed very obvious,the key bit clear,it is very characteristic.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook's touch pad and wrist rest with integrated design processes,the surface with a matte material.Touchpad's surface with tiny bumps,slip resistant,you will feel comfortable.Touchpad buttons pressed crisp and powerful feel good.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's HP compaq 6710bバッテリーback with a plastic material,the hard disk and memory parts using movable cover,easy to upgrade memory and hard drive.There are three vents on the back of the design to help reduce the laptop cooler working temperature.

Sony VAIO F219 notebook is a 16-inch laptop with the battery's weight reached 3.2kg,and the weight of the adapter along with more than 3.8kg.Gaming notebook performance-oriented and heat,while only sacrificing portability,both of which are difficult to achieve balance.Sony VAIO F219 notebook's HP compaq nx6325バッテリーopen the key in the upper right corner of the keyboard surface,rectangular buttons on the right design of a long strip of light.

Its key centers of power with a light pattern also shows that the light color is light green,looking very smart.At the top right-hand position of the Sony VAIO F219 notebook's372772-001keyboard has three physical buttons,"ASSIST" button used to call "VAIO Care" software.The software can view the status of your computer,and used to restore the system."3D" button is used to switch the video and 3D game effects.

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