A Lightweight and portable laptop

02/08/2011 15:06


Strictly speaking,Q460 laptop pb994acan not be regarded as a well-defined home laptop.Because official just put it in the portable notebooks,so the appearance of design in addition to considering the aesthetic needs of home users,but also take into account the business user's perspective.Therefore,Q460 laptop using silver and black lines with steady style,have to take into account the aesthetic habits of these two types of users.

Stylish and simple,calm co-exist,which is nowadays in many popular consumer notebook product design patterns.Laptop interface is an important part of the design,which will affect the user's actual experience.Q460 laptop dell inspiron 1440バッテリーto provide users with a variety of common interfaces,and more reasonable position on the arrangement,so people will feel more convenient to use.In front of the fuselage,Q460 laptop to provide users with a card reader slot.

On the left side of the laptop,Q460 to provide users with the power jack,VGA port,RJ-45 Ethernet port,HDMI high definition interface,USB 2.0 interface and a set of audio jacks.In the right side,Q460 laptop pb993ato provide users with a DVD burner,two USB 2.0 ports and a safety lock.Right side of the rear fuselage by the USB interface design is satisfactory.Because in actual use,so close to the interface layout than the layout of the front fuselage is more convenient.

Especially for the people who used to use the mouse by right hand,it is more suitable.Q460 laptop'sdell inspiron 1750バッテリー C-face design is also a attractive place.The overall style is fresh and simple,the entire panel with brushed metal. Silver relative calm black,has a stronger vitality,but also adds a lot of grade sense.Combined with the details of Samsung Q460 laptop carefully polished,so the design aspect,whether its the A side or the C face,are very successfully.

Below the Q460 laptop's display is also designed "SAMSUNG" LOGO,with a mirror effect processing,embedded into the black screen border,both in stark contrast.Meanwhile LOGO itself has a good reflective effect,from different angles,they show the colors are different,the design for the entire body to add vitality.Q460 laptop pb992awith a popular floating keyboard design,which is consistent with its overall design.

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About Sony SA27 business notebook

01/08/2011 17:44


Sony SA27GC laptop equipped with second generation Intel Core i7 processor and AMD HD6630M graphics card.It's the whole 3D gaming performance at a mainstream level,which can better cope with most 3D games.And Sony SA27GC laptop vgp bps2cconfiguration HD6630M graphics performance in a mainstream graphics card range.In the 1280 × 720 resolution and picture quality settings medium case,Sony SA27GC laptop can cope with most of 3D games on the market.

In Sony SA2 Series models,Sony SA27GC laptop dell inspiron 1545バッテリーis the higher allocation model.It's processor uses Core i7 2620QM processor quad-core,750GB hard drive and HD6630M graphics and 4GB of memory.From the configuration point of view,i7 processors has better performance than i3, i5.HD6630M also provide mainstream 3D processing power,750GB hard drive capacity provides ample storage space.

Sony SA27GC laptop's vgp bps2 own high profile complex can be fully qualified for everyday office applications and entertainment needs.But it is also the configuration of the machine's high power consumption and relatively high heat.27mm slim body,especially by the impact,it's the right side of the keyboard heat up to 45 degrees,users are very uncomfortable to use.And its bottom right side of the fuselage is also very high heat.

Sony has posted this "Do not make physical contact with the computer for a long time,the ventilation slots of the computer base and the temperature will rise,may cause discomfort or burns" prompt.Sony SA27GC laptop dell inspiron 15バッテリーlimited by itself's body size only configured 11.1V 4400mAh 49Wh battery,210 minutes of battery life with the current mainstream of five hours of battery life is slightly shorter.

But Sony SA27GC laptop support CD-bit to extent a second battery.This is to some extent make up for SA27GC laptop's 372772-001the problem of short battery life,but also provides a solution for users who require a longer life.As one of a Sony S series of high-end business machines,Sony SA27GC laptop's whole body usea metal material.In ensuring the stability of the fuselage while the body control the thickness of within 27mm.

Sony SA27GC laptop with i7 processor and HD6630M graphics card,whether for business or office audio and video performance,gaming performance are always very good.But it is high performance plus super-slim Sony SA27GC laptop dell latitude d820バッテリー relatively large body heat.The keyboard surface to 45 degrees,the bottom of the fuselage is as high as 50 degrees,users will feel more discomfort with it.It is more suitable for certain performance and portability requirements of high-end business users to choose.

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29/07/2011 16:42


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Knowledge of Asus A43SV notebook

28/07/2011 16:32


A43SV laptop's key surface design of the grid-like pattern,beautiful but also increases the damping.On the left of button integrated indicator,the boot is on the white light,more eye-catching.A43SV laptop's vgp-bps9the palm rest part is chocolate-colored brushed metal panel,feel good.Metal materials used to further enhance the laptop's cooling effect. Left and right sides of the palm rest covered with stickers and labels.

ASUS A43SV notebook provides a more comprehensive interface configuration.Its left are Kingston security slot,heat sink outlet,power jack,10/100/1000M Ethernet wired ports,VGA port,HDMI interface and a USB2.0 interface.On the right of the notebook hp mini 1000バッテリー are headphone jack,microphone jack,two USB2.0 ports,and Super-Multi DVD drive.Reader was designed in the front left position.3-in-1 card reader supports reading SD/MS/MMC card.

Asus A43SV notebook uses i5-2410M CPU graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce GT540M configuration,2GB DDR3 RAM,500GB 5400rpm hard drive,14.0 inch 16:9 LED backlit display and with a resolution of 1366*768.About game performance,because the network vgp-bps9/sgames hardware requirements are generally not high,so ASUS A43SV laptop's configuration is sufficient to run smoothly.NVIDIA GeForce GT54OM graphics card be able to meet the needs of the mainstream games.

Asus A43SV laptop hp mini 110バッテリーusing latest Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2410M processor,Nvidia GeForce GT540M graphics card,2GB DDR3 RAM,500GB hard drive,hardware configuration part of the mainstream standards.New i5 with such high-end graphics card GT540M is more economical choice.It takes care of entertainment,but also have a certain price.It is more suitable for the students'friends,business office people to choice.

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11.6-inch Samsung 900X1B notebook

27/07/2011 16:52


Samsung 900X1B laptop's IBM thinkpad t60バッテリーkeyboard with LED backlight,allowing users in a dark environment can clearly see the keyboard.In addition,its TouchPad touchpad area is more spacious than normal,allow users to use will not have suited the place.However,its speaker placed underneath,it may be affected for users who require a higher sound.900X1B laptop with a built-in battery design,from the 13.3-inch version point of view,users need to consider cooling.

I/O interface,the Samsung 900X1B notebook with a USB3.0,a group of USB2.0,micro HDMI,LAN port (to be turned around and connected) and headphone jack and so on.As the mobile notebooktoshiba pa3536u 1brs,be enough,but it built-in micro SD card reader,compared to SD card reader,its practical is undoubtedly much lower.This also brings people to mind many Samsung cameras are based on the micro SD for storage.It also comes with a LAN plug adapter when you buy it.

The left side of the Samsung 900X1B laptop's IBM thinkpad t60pバッテリーfuselage interfaces with micro HDMI,LAN adapter plug and charge off USB ports.On the other side has a micro SD card reader,USB3.0 port and headphone plug.Also worth mentioning is that its port cover with slide design,to push aside,quite a thought.Specifications,the Samsung 900X1B laptop is same with 13.3-inch version laptops,equipped with Intel Core i5 2467M low-voltage processor.

The frequency of the Samsung 900X1B laptop's processor would go a little higher,others such as 4GB DDR3 RAM,128GB SSD solid state hard drive and integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 Core Graphics.Performance and almost regular notebook thinkpad x60 バッテリー,plus the advantages of SSD drives high-speed access,for business users,it has been quite enough.Samsung 900X1B laptop's selling point for thin and light notebook,ultra portable,and its performance is not under the MacBook Air.

Following 900X3A laptop, amsung once again declared war on the Apple MacBook Air,launched 11.6 inches notebook 900X1B.From the machine hardware configuration,Samsung 900X1B laptop IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーequipped with Intel Core i5 2467M low-voltage processor,built-in 4GB DDR3 RAM,128GB SSD solid state hard drive.It also equipped with Intel Core graphics,entertainment for the user to meet the daily officeis fully.

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Knowledge of the Lenovo G475 laptop

26/07/2011 16:08


The Lenovo G475 laptop thinkpad r60バッテリーis equipped with a Hitachi 320GB 5400RPM hard drive.This hard drive's average transfer rate is 66.2MB/s,the maximum transfer rate of 85.5MB/s and a minimum transfer rate of 41.5MB/sec.Then plus 18.7 ms access time,its overall performance in the ordinary SATA hard drive in the middle level.Ability in the game,the Lenovo G475 laptop is not configured with graphics card.

But APU integration AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics core provides a relatively good ability to run 3D and supports DX11,so the mainstream network 3D games usually can basically handle it.Lenovo G475 laptop IBM thinkpad t60バッテリー equipped with a 48Wh lithium ion battery,14-inch notebook will normally configured so the battery capacity.Its endurance was tested through Windows 7 assessment of life.The ultimate life of this G475 laptop for 5 hours and 20 minutes,the results are very good.

This is mainly because AMD E350 APU have excellent energy-saving design,thermal design power of only 18W,less power is clearly to provide greater endurance.Of course,this result can only view as a reference value,according to the user's actual performance will vary in different applications.As a low-cost notebook,this Lenovo G475 laptop dell latitude d620バッテリーhas a mainstream design,and performance to meet the user's daily basic application requirements.

Need to mention is that the internal configuration of the AMD E350 APU used in the traditional 14-inch mainstream laptops dell latitude d410バッテリーcan be enough to ensure performance under the premise of more cool,standby time will be greatly increased.Ultra-low power consumption,low heat,powerful audio and video decoding experience,mainstream 3D application performance,which is AMD APU brought to us by surprise.

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When there was me and you

25/07/2011 14:51

 It's funny when you find yourself 

Looking from the outside 

I'm standing here but all I want 

Is to be over there 

Why did I let myself believe 

Miracles could happen 

Cause now I have to pretend 


That I don't really care 

I thought you were my fairytale 

A dream when I'm not sleeping 

A wish upon a star 

Thats coming true 

But everybody else could tell 

That I confused my feelings with the truth 

When there was me and you 


I swore I knew the melody 

That I heard you singing 

And when you smiled 

You made me feel 

Like I could sing along


But then you went and changed the words 

Now my heart is empty 

I'm only left with used-to-be's 

Once upon a song 

Now I know your not a fairytale 

And dreams were meant for sleeping 

And wishes on a star 

Just don't come true 


Cause now even I tell 

That I confused my feelings with the truth 

Cause I liked the view 

When there was me and you 


I can't believe that 

I could be so blind 

It's like you were floating 

While I was falling 

And I didn't mind 

Cause I liked the view 

Thought you felt it too 

When there was me and you 


About Lenovo G475 laptop

23/07/2011 18:02


The Lenovo G475 laptop IBM thinkpad x60sバッテリーis using this keyboard design approach,feel quite good.In the interface design,the right side of the fuselage of this Lenovo G475 laptop has a USB interface,power connector,audio interface,and DVD burner.The left side of the fuselage with USB interface,e-SATA interface,cable interface and VGA interface.Although this positioning is not a high-end machine,but the interface configuration is quite complete.But unfortunately this machine is not configured HDMI interface.

The Lenovo G475 laptop is not configured too many function keys.In addition to the power switch above the keyboard is only a one-click fix outside key.Lenovo notebook IBM thinkpad t60pバッテリーproducts will currently configure a repair key,the users can very easily use it to backup and recovery system,which is a very useful feature.The interior design of this Lenovo G475 laptop is quite reasonable,the larger space,it is a good heat.

AMD's new APU E-350APU has integrated graphics core (GPU),no need to configure the graphics card.Therefore,the Lenovo G475 laptop's overall heat is very small,a single heat pipe to meet the body's internal heat conduction.Lenovo G475 laptop hp pavilion dv6バッテリー can be said that this is not the main high-profile product,but for the average user,it is also sufficient.This machine is configured with an AMD E-350 APU,the processor core,code-named Zacate,clocked at 1.6GHz.

The AMD APU E-350 is a low-power processor,TDP is only 18W,it can give a better battery life and lower heat to laptopdell inspiron 5150バッテリー.In addition,AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics core also supports DX11 and UVD3 HD hardware decoding,to provide the user more efficient video processing capabilities.It is based on 40nm process technology,codenamed Zacate,clocked at 1.6GHz,with 512KB L2 cache,TDP of the overall 18W,CPU Core dual-core architecture.

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Deep white charm Gateway NV47H18C

22/07/2011 16:34


Gateway notebook products have been favored by many users.On the one hand due to its close to the popular mainstream performance and design,the other from the users of their products feature high price of love and esteem.And this Gateway NV47H18C notebook hp pavilion dv6バッテリーis not only good continuation of the advantages of their own design,but also equipped with second-generation Core Duo processor and GT540M i5-2410M graphics card and other mainstream hardware.

These factors make this Gateway NV47H18C notebook dell latitude d410バッテリーstand out once again,excellent performance to make it in many mainstream products in the major vendors.It's part of the palm rest and touchpad with integrated design,and its surface have been light gray plaid textures.The overall feeling is better,the left and right buttons for one-piece design,press the moderate intensity,but feel slightly flimsy.

The interfaces of Gateway NV47H18C notebook dell inspiron 5150バッテリー provide users with three USB 2.0 ports,1 HDMI,1 VGA port,1 RJ-45 (cable) interface,an audio output jack,1 microphone input jack,and 1 a multi-card reader.But the more recent fiery eSATA interface,or USB3.0 interface is not equipped with.But from the practical point of view,whether from type or quantity,it still have enough in practice to meet the majority of mainstream users everyday use.

NV47H18C laptop using the Intel Core i5 2410M processor.The processor based on 32nm technology,clocked at 2.3GHz,3M has a three-level cache,supports for dynamic Turbo Boost Technology,the maximum rate of Rui frequently is 2.9GHz.It has a dual-core and supporting HT Technology,with 2 core 4 thread capacity,thermal design power of 35 watts.In the display area,NV47H18C laptop thinkpad r60バッテリーuses Nvidia GT 540M discrete graphics card and Intel Core matched combinations, and with Optimus dual card switching.

The Core Graphics has 12 execution units,the default clocked at 350MHz,Turbo Boost after the maximum can reach 950MHz.The GT 540M graphics card is positioned in the high-end graphics card,using a 40nm process,with 96 stream processors,memory interface 128-bit,it can be matched with DDR3 or GDDR3 graphics memory,the maximum memory which can be matched with is 1GB.Itdell latitude d620バッテリー supports PureVideo HD,PhysX,CUDA,OpenCL,HybridPower,PCI-E 2.0,HDMI,DisplayPort technology,and also supports DX11 game effects.

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Dell Vostro 3350 laptop's appearence

21/07/2011 16:51


In the body's appearance,Vostro3350 laptop Thinkpad z61バッテリーadhering to success series models' consistent style.Most of the aircraft fuselage shell is made of high strength aluminum alloy,making it the physical security has a good performance.Aircraft aluminum alloy material produced in the roof,while supplemented by grinding treatment process for processing in the visual performance of the matte texture.The surface use of aluminum alloy material.

The edge of the transition zone in the body,Vostro 3350 laptop more than use of a sweeping arc of a small rectangular or design patterns.This gives people a more rounded,more active overall feel,highlighting both its consumer and commercial characteristics.Dell Vostro3350 laptop IBM thinkpad t42バッテリーequipped with a 16 to 9 on 13.3-inch matte screen for users,its resolution of 1366 × 768,to provide users with good quality and 720p HD experience to the mainstream.

With the change in demand trends and applications,wide-screen notebook dell xps m1530バッテリーmore and more applications in the commercial platform.Common models and entertainment glossy screen than the matte screen can better cope with complex light environments,and provides a good office experience to the users.Dell Vostro 3350 laptop also has high strength aluminum alloy body and full-size keyboard against accidental spills.

Dell Vostro 3350 laptop is also equipped with super-sensitive anti-drop hard drive,from outside to inside layers of protection,safe and reliable.With a backlit keyboard allows users to adjust in a more dark environments work well.The Vostro 3350 laptop's dell xps m1330バッテリー touchpad is still using the integrated design,large touch area and you will feel good about independent keys makes the user feel more comfortable in operation.

As the body of Vostro 3350 laptop's the back design has thermal windows and the power jack,so the screen is not designed to sink shaft type,and in the screen shaft damping control,Vostro 3350 laptop dell studio 15バッテリーis also to do more in place.Meanwhile,the metal material used for auxiliary body cooling is also a certain role,for business users with a relatively comfortable working environment.Dell Vostro3350 laptop also built-in 2 megapixel camera,it provides good support for people who like network video chat.

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