How to prolong Nintendo 3DS Battery Life

How to prolong Nintendo 3DS Battery Life

Nintendo 3DS in the world, many owners are frustrated by the ThinkPad x40 バッテリー unit. SD for 6-8 hours before changes in taxes in their entirety, has published a self 3DS along in the next 3-5 hours.These stores are complaining many ways to the battery, Nintendo 3DS. There are several factors, energy 3DS and know-how that can be allocated to extend the battery life.

1. 3DS Slider
Although the possibility to play 3D 3DS new turn, uses very little energy when バッテリー ThinkPad x41 is at its peak. Save up to 10% within 3-5 hours, Nintendo 3DS, 3D engine at low temperature or elimination of aid. At the same time there are more games, do not take advantage of 3D PDA functions such as Lego Star Wars. In these games there is not, disable the 3D settings, and you get a lot of batteries.

2. Display Dimmer
If you are a dark gray color, adjust the screen brightness at level 1, the laptop x61 バッテリー ThinkPad. Mentioned, Nintendo 3DS juice used for many parties. Brightness depends on the amount of light. If you work best in an environment where bright light and outside in the sun for at least level 4. For those who do not play in the house, turn the brightness of 1, 3, no problem. Remember that the laptop in standby mode, you can trust.

3. Stop Wireless
Players who do not have Wi-Fi at home, it is important to Nintendo Wi-Fi to 3DS format. Most new games for Nintendo 3DS online support you can disable wireless when the game is perfect. The only time we see the inclusion of a firmware update for 3DS how you think and want to use / function point or another pawn in the game controls. If these three things do not apply to you, turn off the A1185 バッテリー.

4. Helmet if possible
Nintendo 3DS speaker is low, and it is difficult to hear when you travel. Another way is to remove the battery for a Nintendo 3DS saving wear a helmet. 3ds speakers more energy than when the external audio source so that the helmet is always ready!

5. Risk-Cradle
When you're home, right from the charger, like Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS バッテリー A1175 battery is designed so often. Do not worry if you only have an hour or two phones. Nintendo is ready for your laptop when not in use for a child's room. He is always fully charged when I play!

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